a total of Around 820 million people worldwide are undernourished. On the other hand, there is a very high consumption of meat, which consumes a lot of Land, and lots of food are simply thrown away.

to supply The world’s growing population in an equitable manner with sufficient food will be an enormous challenge – and it is as a result of climate change even greater. Agriculture needs space, at the same time, many forests are necessary because they store the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide. “Food security and the protection of forests should not be traded,” said Charlotte Streck, co-founder of the think tank Climate Focus. A Contradiction In Terms?

no, says Streck, the Either-Or game bothers you. Both would be possible. The most important lever: The consumption of meat to reduce the phase-out of fossil fuels and accelerating substances. “Beef resources is particularly intense. It takes 20 Times as much Land and 20 Times as many greenhouse gases per gram of edible protein as vegetable protein, such as beans, peas or lentils,” says stretch. And the resource of Land is limited. In addition, according to the world food and agriculture organization FAO thrown away a third of food worldwide.

These facts will, in all likelihood, also the special report of the IPCC, which is published on Thursday in Geneva and is concerned primarily with the land-use and climate change.

The Situation is difficult. The report could therefore contain also a sharp reminder of the world’s population, the politics and the economy. To lose, “a time in which we can allow ourselves at least, we have fertile soil and biological diversity at an alarming rate,” said the Executive Director of the United Nations environment programme (Unep), Inger Andersen, on Friday for the opening of the multi-day IPCC meeting. “We need to adapt the use of our land surfaces to climate change, so that we can ensure food production for the present and for future generations.”

A large international team of researchers has created for the IPCC in the past few years, a very extensive analysis on the current global state of knowledge on these topics. Since Friday, especially political delegates of the IPCC member countries sit together in Geneva and discussed the summary of the analysis. The resulting Report aims to present to the IPCC on Thursday. The week-long procedure is to ensure that the IPCC special report is also acknowledged by the member countries.

now That the role of forests and agriculture is discussed, which evaluates expert stretch already as a great success. “The issue concerns us directly, we see burning woods, a lot of pest infestations. The forest quality is also with us downhill,” says Streck, the materials, particularly to a phase-out of fossil fuel a lot of potential in the eating.

“The climate models are getting wild when we hold substances to the fossil fuels and more and more afforested areas have to provide for compensation.” An end to fossil fuels would take a lot of pressure from the debate of possible land conflicts. The global emissions about carbon dioxide (CO2) would have to fall according to the most recent IPCC report, 1.5-degree target from 2010 to 2030 and by 45 percent, and in 2050 reach Zero.

in addition to a sustainable land management issues such as droughts, desertification, heat waves and Floods, the report will play a role. The Chairman of the IPCC, Hoesung Lee, stressed last Friday, especially the symbolic effect on the Public, which could send out the Report. “I hope that we can increase the attention of the people for the dangers and challenges of climate change for the country is ready, on which we live and which feeds us.”

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