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Thorsten Schäfer-Gümbel want to place in the state Parliament of lower (13.25 hours), and Kubicki calls for expulsion of US Ambassador (11.03 a.m.)President is stuck for hours in commuter train (6.52 PM)Nowitzki surpassed NBA legend Wilt Chamberlain (5 p.m.)coalition apparently plans Online pension check (0.40 PM)

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+++ 15.23 PM: refugee boat with 27 people on the Libyan coast + dropped++

off the Libyan coast after the sinking of a refugee boat, a Baby dead from the Mediterranean sea been recovered. Eight other occupants of the city of Sabratha capsized boat would continue to be unaccounted for, said the chief of the local migration authority, Bassem al-Gharabli. He relied on information from the 18 of the Libyan coast guard rescued migrants.

The refugees were on their way to Italy, when she was in distress came. Fischer had alerted the Libyan coast guard. From which countries the migrants came, remained open in the first place.

+++ 15.21 PM: 15-Year-old from lower Saxony for over a month missing +++

The police in lower Saxony is searching for a 15-year-old youth from Langwedel, which is valid for over a month as missing. The girl with the name Katharina was since 12. February disappeared. Meanwhile, a criminal Offence could not be ruled out, police said. Investigators are looking for witnesses, Katharina seen. So was last Thursday (14. March) could have been taken to have had in Verden a hitchhiker, the Similarity with Catherine, of a car driver. The hitchhiker had according to police, a shield with the inscription “Soltau”, and a travel bag.

+++ 15.19 watch: Obama speaks at 6. April in Berlin +++

The former US-President Barack Obama in April to Berlin. As the Foundation of the Democrats, announced that the 57-Year-old on 6. April at an event the questions of young people. Prior to that, he is already on 4. April in Cologne. The Obama Foundation has called for the event in Berlin, questions to the Ex-President to be submitted. According to the figures, around 300 young people from Europe take part in the “Town Hall” part, involved in areas such as civil society, the Integration, or food security.

+++ 14.52 PM: Pope resignation of the condemned cardinal +++

Pope Francis rejects has rejected the resignation of the Archbishop of Lyon, who was convicted in France because of the cover-up of abuse. Cardinal Philippe Barbarin have, however, decided for a time to withdraw, said Vatican spokesman Alessandro Gisotti on Wednesday in Rome. The Pope did not want to accept because of the presumption of innocence the resignation, it said in a statement from a barbarian.

the barbarian is the highest Catholic would French carrier. Last week, he was sentenced as a surprise to six months in prison on probation because he had not shown cases of sexual Assault by a priest on a minor. He had then announced that a letter of resignation to the Pope to submit. The guilt of the priest has not yet been determined legally.

+++ 14.43 PM: Wilders resignation of the Dutch Minister of justice +++

calls A day after the fatal shooting in the Utrecht tram has the right-wing populist Geert Wilders, the resignation of the Minister of justice Ferdinand grabber house required. The main suspect for the shots have numerous previous convictions and had only been recently released, said Wilders on Tuesday in the Dutch Parliament. This should never have happened. “You are responsible”, he said to grabber house. “You need to come back! Run!”

grabber-house regretted, that of Utrecht, had said mayor Jan van Zanen on Tuesday, erroneously, that two of the three Suspects had been released. You’ve corrected that quickly. By the shots in the Utrecht tram had been killed on Monday three people. Suspicion, the captured Gökmen.

+++ 14.19 PM: Kazakhstan’s President Nazarbayev announces resignation +++

After decades in Power, President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev has declared his resignation. The 78-Year-old announced his resignation on Tuesday in a televised address. Nazarbayev held Kazakhstan’s highest state office since the independence of the former Soviet Republic in 1991. He had recently complained of massive economic and social problems in the country. The economy of the oil-rich country is yet to recover from the Collapse in the Oil price in the year 2014. Recently, there was increasingly discontent in the population.

+++ 13.25 PM: Hesse SPD leader Schäfer-Gümbel pulls back, apparently, from policy +++

The Hessian SPD Chairman Thorsten Schäfer-Gümbel wants to withdraw from politics. How the German press Agency learned from party circles, wants to Schäfer-Gümbel in the fall of his country tags to abandon the mandate and therefore also the chair of the group. To the state Convention in November, he no longer wanted to stand for election as Chairman of the Hessian SPD. From Berlin to hear that Schäfer-Gümbel is no longer a candidate at the Federal Congress of the SPD in December as well as the Deputy national Chairman of the party.

+++ 13.38 PM: Lügde-scandal: the youth welfare office in 2016, hints at pedophilia +++

already got In the case of mass child abuse in Lügde the portrait of the city of Hameln, in spite of multiple references to pedophilia, a 56-Year-old as a foster father to a little girl. Hameln district administrator Tjark Bartels (SPD) acknowledged that in 2016, a job centre employee, a different father, as well as a Kindergarten psychologist expressed a suspicion. These instructions are also noted in the files. In the past, the district had always spoken only of References to the messy living conditions.

The unemployed long-term camper together with an accomplice over the years, children abused and filmed. His foster-child, he used to other victims to attract. At the beginning of 2017, the husband had obtained at the request of the in a circle Hameln living mother, the guardianship for the girl who has already lived longer with him.

+++ 13.19 PM: Almost a third of the area of Germany is forest +++

It’s so green, Almost a third of the area of Germany is forest. With a total of just under 30 percent of the forest characterizes the landscape in order to agriculture the most, according to the Federal Statistical office. Fields and pastures make up 50.9 percent of settlements with 9.2 percent and traffic areas five per cent.

The forest richest länder of Rheinland-Pfalz, with 40.6 percent dhe total area of, Hesse, 39.8 percent, and Baden-Württemberg with 37.8 percent. In Schleswig-Holstein, only 10.3 percent of the land area is forested, in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and lower Saxony lies in the percentage of forest areas in a little more than 21 percent.

+++ 13.02 PM: Merkel rejects criticism of the development of the German defence expenditure +++

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) has expenditure, the amount of the German defense against criticism of the USA is defended. Germany had increased its expenditure in the past years, step by step, and this will continue, Merkel said in Berlin at a conference on international policy. You could, however, do not understand that US President Donald Trump and some European partners were not sufficient, the efforts of the Federal government.

According to the budget plans of Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) to go back in the coming year, the share of defense expenditure to the gross domestic product (GDP) of 1.35 percent, again slightly to 1.37 percent increase in the years up to 2023, but then again, up to 1.25 percent. This is important because the government controls actually until the middle of the decade, the share of defense expenditure in GDP of 1.5 percent.

+++ 12.32 PM: Macron presents new speech record +++

As a mouth lazy, the President of France Emmanuel Macron does not apply anyway – but now he has set up his own speech record. The 41-Year-old debated until the early hours of Tuesday morning, eight hours and ten minutes long with Intellectuals and researchers about the situation in France in view of the “yellow West”protests.

As a Macron to the Marathon debate on the castle in the morning around 02.30 PM finally, had thinned the ranks in the ballroom of the Elysée Palace, however, is already clear. Many of the 60 or so Intellectuals and scientists had adopted the view of the advanced time.

+++ 12.29 PM: police: No direct relationship between the Suspect and the Victims

A day after the fatal shooting in Utrecht, the police sees no direct relationship between the Suspects and the Victims. The 37-year-old Gökmen T. had been arrested on Monday evening after hours-long manhunt. The police has, meanwhile, hints at a terrorist motive. A getaway car that was found a letter, speak, among other things, the police informed on Tuesday. Other motives but would not be excluded.

+++ 12.18 PM: verdict: Germany will have to US Ramsteiner-drone operations check +++

Three Yemeni plaintiff’s part in connection with the deadly US drone attacks in their home success in front of the higher administrative court of Münster against the Federal Republic of Germany. Germany must ensure active and investigate whether the US true in its drone operations in Yemen to use its Military base in the Palatinate Ramstein international law, decided by the court. It is, however, made in view of the great importance and also the political Dimension of the Case appeal to the Federal administrative court. The plaintiff had lost, according to information from relatives in their homeland and fear in the face of sustained drone attacks to their own lives.

+++ 12.05 PM: Greta Thunberg gets a Golden camera in Berlin +++

The young Swedish activist, Greta Thunberg is a Golden camera award. The 16-Year-old should receive the special award for climate protection, as the organizers informed. Thunberg had become within a very short time an icon of the new youth and protest movement.

+++ 11: 58: Boulevard magazine is said to have paid $ 200,000 for Bezos’ private SMS +++

The U.S. tabloid magazine, “National Enquirer” has a media report, according to $ 200,000 for compromising short message from Amazon chief Jeff Bezos. As the “Wall Street Journal” reported, sold the brother of Bezos’ girlfriend Lauren Sanchez the SMS of the magazine. The relationship of the two was at that time still a secret.

The “National Enquirer” had reported in January about an extramarital affair of the richest man in the world with the news presenter Sánchez. A short time before Bezos and his wife MacKenzie, announced their divorce after 25 years of marriage.

+++ 11.24 PM: the Remains of six Victims of the Christchurch attack on families pass +++

The new Zealand authorities have handed over the mortal Remains of six Victims of the Christchurch-assassination of their relatives. Until Tuesday, all 50 autopsies had been completed, however, only twelve of the victims could have been “to the satisfaction of the coroner” to be identified, police said. The delay in the Transfer of the corpses to the families had caused a resentment: Many of the survivors had set the dead within 24 hours, as is Muslim custom

+++ at 11:11: OECD study: retirement is a major concern of the German +++

Three-quarters of Germans are worried, according to a representative survey by the OECD to have their financial Situation in old age. In the long term, 76 percent of the approximately 1000 respondents between 18 and 70 years will see their pension as a main concern, as stated in the report.

in the Short term, approximately half of the respondents are afraid of sickness and disability (51 percent), followed by crime and violence (47 percent). Financial difficulties in the short-term Fears 43 percent. Almost four out of five Germans (78 percent) are of the opinion that the government should do more for the economic and social security of the Individual. With a view to 21 other OECD countries is an average.

+++ 11.04 PM: economy cut their growth forecast to just 0.8 percent +++

The five economies have lowered their growth forecast for the current year. The Advisory Council on the assessment of the overall economic development is expected for 2019, a growth of the gross domestic product (GDP) grew by only 0.8 percent, as he announced on Tuesday in Berlin. In November, the scientists were anticipating an increase of 1.5 percent.

+++ 11.03 PM: Kubicki calls for expulsion of US Ambassador Grenell +++

criticism of the US Ambassador in Germany, Richard Grenell, to the budget plans of the Federal government, FDP Vice Wolfgang Kubicki calls for the expulsion of the diplomats. He would call by German foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) to explain, “Richard Grenell immediately Persona non grata,” said Kubicki, the AFP news Agency. “Who is acting as a U.S. Diplomat as a high Commissioner of a occupying power, must learn that our tolerance also knows boundaries.”

Grenell had already moved several times with critical Remarks to the displeasure of German politicians. So, he called for a stop of the Pipeline project, Nord Stream 2 und threatened companies involved with sanctions. In connection with the planning for the Federal budget, he criticized the expenditure, especially the intended defence to be too low.


U.S. Ambassador Richard Grenell has moved in with his Statements on several occasions the resentment of the German politician added.

©Salvatore Di Nolfi DPA +++ 10.35 PM: ECJ refugee deportation facilitated in other EU countries +++

The European court of justice (ECJ) in Luxembourg has facilitated Germany, the repatriation of refugees to other EU States. Defects in the social system does not preclude the still, ruled the European court of justice (ECJ) in Luxembourg. A deportation ban was only if the other country is a inhuman and “extreme material poverty” of the threat. (Az: C-163/17, C-297/17 and more)

under EU law, the country is a refugee, in principle, have jurisdiction, he arrived for the first time in the EU. Human rights activists see the conditions of residence and living conditions for refugees in several EU States, however, critical. A large number of refugees in Germany therefore claim that a return to the country of Entry was unreasonable and, therefore, Germany will now be responsible for the asylum procedure.

+++ 10:30 PM Erdogan: Turkish-a Turkish-born man had been taken to the secret service checks for the deadly attack in Utrecht +++

The Turkish intelligence determined the deadly attack in the Dutch city of Utrecht, where, as the alleged perpetrator. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said in an Interview with the broadcaster Ülke TV, the head of the secret service to check the information about the fact. The aim was to find out whether it was a terrorist attack, or a family dispute.

+++ 10.07 PM: the main shareholder Porsche SE increases its shares in Volkswagen to +++

The largest VW shareholder, Porsche SE continues to expand its participation in the Wolfsburg-based car group. For around 400 million euros, the share in the voting rights of 52.2 was increased to 53.1 percent, as Chairman of the Board, Hans Dieter Pötsch announced in Stuttgart. Pötsch spoke of a strong commitment to Volkswagen. The business of Porsche SE to hang in spite of some of the other investments almost exclusively on the development of VW. For 2018, the Holding recorded a profit of EUR 3.5 billion, about 200 million euros, or six percent more than the year before.

+++ 10.14 PM: the police corrected the mayor: All of the three Suspects still in custody +++

The police has corrected the mayor of Utrecht. All three Suspects are still in custody. Five of the seriously injured are still in critical condition.

+++ 09.53 PM: Salvini prohibits ship with migrants Invest in Italy +++

Italy’s interior Minister Matteo Salvini denied again, a relief organization with rescued migrants on Board to Create in Italy. The ship “Mare Jonio” of the organization Mediterranea Saving Humans had rescued in the Mediterranean sea, 49 people and waited driveway on Tuesday off the Italian island of Lampedusa on a permission to port. But Salvini does not want the migrants in Italy. “The ports were, and still are closed,” tweeted the head of the right-wing Lega. At the same time, the Ministry of the interior published guidelines for the search and rescue. A violation of these rules could be considered as a advantage to the people trading, it said in the paper.

+++ 09.44 am: Boeing CEO Muilenburg asked the passengers to trust +++

After the crash of two identical planes of the type 737 Max in Ethiopia and Indonesia within half a year, Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg touting for passengers and Airlines to trust. Security at Boeing in focus. “Safety is at the core of what we stand for Boeing,” wrote the Chairman of the Board of the US aircraft manufacturer in a letter to passengers and the aviation industry. to travel

“Safe and reliable with our aircraft, is a constant value and our absolute commitment to anyone,” the Boeing CEO in the letter. “We know that the life of the work we do, and our Teams take on this responsibility daily as a deeply-felt obligation.” For research into the causes of the crash of the Ethiopian Airlines plane with analysis of the flight recorders, the work is progressing “quickly and thoroughly”.

+++ 9.37 PM: After the attack of Utrecht two Suspects released +++

A day after the shooting in a tram in Utrecht have been left, according to mayor Jan van Zanen two Suspects. It turns out that these two men had nothing to do with the fact, said the right-wing liberal politician in the Dutch Radio. Only the main suspect will now be held in position. A police spokeswoman said the German press Agency, could not confirm the release of the two men, but the mayor had communicated with clearly so.

the shots were, yesterday, killed three people and five part dangerous to life had been violated. The police stops an act of terrorism, but also a crime of passion.

Three people

terrorist or crime of passion killed? Police are searching for a motive for the shots of Utrecht

After the attack, three dead in a tram in the Dutch city of Utrecht, the alleged shooter is caught. But still, it is unclear why he shot and killed three people.

DPA +++ 8.37 PM: the SPD politician calls U.S. Ambassador “diplomatic total failure” +++

the Parliamentary Secretary of The SPD parliamentary group, Carsten Schneider, has rejected criticism from U.S. Ambassador Richard Grenell to the budget plans of Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) in sharp words. “Mr. Grenell is a diplomatic total failure,” said Schneider of the German press Agency in Berlin. The ambassadors care for some time a between close allies is not acceptable in tone and style. “All this is reminiscent of the behaviour of the Flegels.” Grenells repeated “crude provocations” harm the transatlantic relations.

Richard Grenell

U.S. Ambassador sworn in: The is Trumps new man in Berlin


Grenell was criticized that Germany be removed with the help of financial planning from the Nato target of two percent of gross domestic product (GDP) for defense spending. The proportion of defence expenditure to GDP is expected to rise, according to the plans of the Scholz slightly to 1.37 percent. The medium-term financial planning looks, but then he warms up to 2023, and again to 1.25 per cent. Grenell said the DPA: “the German government is only considering their already unacceptable contributions to the military of the Greeks of antiquityto reduce the willingness, too, is a worrying Signal of Germany in its 28 Nato allies.”

+++ 8.08 PM: US Secretary of state Pompeo jokes about being thrown out by Trump’s Tweet +++

US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo has taken on the habit of his boss funny, to dismiss people via Twitter. In the case of an appointment in his home state of Kansas, Pompeo said he would have a Minister, so long held up to Donald Trump him fire by Tweet. The US President is known for using the Online network intensive, and personnel policies. “I’m here, until he tweeted me out of the office,” said the foreign Minister in front of a laughing audience, “but I don’t expect, at least not today.” Pompeo was also on his predecessor, Rex Tillerson. After multiple disagreements Trump Tillersons had announced the dismissal via Twitter. Then the White house had leakage, Tillerson got the news of his expulsion on the toilet.

Pompeo, who was prior to his current position of Minister, CIA chief, has positioned itself always demonstratively loyal to Trump. He is one of the few members of the original Cabinet, which is not yet advised the President to each other.

+++ 7.53 PM: first reference to Christchurch-a Video has received, according to the Facebook after 29 minutes +++

Facebook according to its own information the first note on, the stop video of Christchurch after 29 minutes. The perpetrator had transferred his attack on two mosques in Facebook Live on the net. Users note, came 12 minutes after the end of this live stream, as Facebook explained. The Video had been deleted “within minutes” after a request from the new Zealand police. Thus remained unclear exactly how long it was online. Livestream Videos will remain after the end of a Transmission to the call-in available.

The Video had been viewed during the live less than 200 Times and a total of around 4000 Times before Facebook removed it. However, a user of the platform 8chan have uploaded a copy to a Filesharing page, and before Facebook had been made on the Video carefully. This is likely to have contributed to the later spread of the Videos.

Social media

Facebook to Christchurch: Don’t sugar mountain, fight against the wind mills

1.5 million Times Facebook had to delete the Video of the terrorist attack in Christchurch. Previously, the offender had streamed his brutal action there live. The social networks are faced with a Problem.

By Malte Mansholt +++ 7.41 PM: Fraport raises after a jump in earnings, dividend, strong at +++

The Frankfurt airport operator Fraport has, thanks to good business, and the separation from the Hannover airport in 2018, a big leap in profits recorded. The bottom line a profit of approximately 474 million euros, almost 44 percent more than a year earlier, as the MDax-listed company announced in Frankfurt. The operating profit (Ebitda) increased by 12.5 percent to 1.1 billion euros. The shareholders of a significantly increased dividend beckons. It is expected to rise by a third to € 2.00 per share.

For the current year, Fraport-Chef Stefan Schulte is not quite as strong increases. At its Frankfurt airport home, the number of passengers is expected to grow by two to three percent, after having grown in the year 2018 by 7.8 percent to 69.5 million. The operating profit is expected to grow to 1,160 until 1,195 billion euros. While the operating profit in 2018 met the expectations of analysts pretty much had experts in the cut for 2019, rather, something more calculated.

+++ 6.52 PM: South African President is spending hours in commuter fixed +++

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has had to experience the hardships of commuters in his own country on his own body: Two months before the Parliament election, the state waited the boss, in the company of a Group of journalists first, an hour on a train in the Township of Mabopane, would take him to Pretoria. Then the train took almost three hours to make the normally 45-minute drive. The journalists that Ramaphosa had in tow, shared in Online networks, images of a smiling President who interact with pass. On Twitter commented commuters come to the Odyssey of the heads of state: “Welcome to our world!”

Delays are in South Africa on the agenda, including derailments are not uncommon. Ramaphosa announced after his personal train experience a quick Meeting with the representatives of railway operator Prasa to resolve this “national Problem”: “We will talk with Prasa to get things right in the handle, otherwise, will be rolling heads.”

+++ 6.32 PM: R’n’B singer Andre Williams is dead +++

The American singer, producer and songwriter Andre Williams has died at the age of 82 in Chicago, as his record company Pravda Records announced. “He has touched our lives and the lives of countless others. We love You, Dre.” His Manager Password, Goodman said the music portal “” the R’n’B singer, died on Sunday afternoon in the circle of his family in a hospice. Two weeks earlier, had been found with him for bowel cancer, which had spread in the lungs and brain.

Williams had worked for the legendary record company Motown Records. His first big Hit was Fat, in 1956, the Song “Bacon”, which earned him due to the chanting of the nickname “godfather of Rap”. Other Hits from this period Jail Bait” and “Shake A Tail Feather””. Later, he worked with Bands like The Temptations, but also solo artists like Stevie Wonder. Companions paid tribute to his enormous musical bandwidth.

+++ 6.28 PM: Thai-millionaire because of poaching, was sentenced to 16 months in prison +++

Due to poaching in a strictly protected national Park is one of the richest men in Thailand has been sentenced to 16 months in prison. The contractor Premchai Karnasuta was found by a court in the city of Kanchanaburi guilty in February 2018, among other things, a black leopard killed. The 64-Year-old is currently on bail.

The national Park Thungyai Naresuan at the border to the neighbouring country of Myanmar to the world heritage site of the United Nations because of its diversity of animals and plants for more than a quarter of a century. Premchai, head of the construction company Ital-Thai, had been caught last year by Park guards along with other poachers in the act. Numerous shot were seized weapons. The poachers also tried the Ranger. The case had aroused in Thailand is a great sensation. What time is the many times millionaire has to his sentence fall in, not yet. In the Southeast Asian Kingdom there have been many casesle, in which rich people of the justice escaped. According to estimates by the family of the contractor has an asset of the equivalent of more than half a billion euros.

+++ 5 PM: Nowitzki surpassed NBA legend Wilt Chamberlain +++

Basketball veteran Dirk Nowitzki has celebrated with the Dallas Mavericks, another career milestone in the NBA. Although the Texans had to give the New Orleans Pelicans with 125:129 (49:39, 110:110) after renewal hit, but the 40-year-old würzburg was able to take in the eternal points-best list of North American basketball League the sixth place.

Eight points ranged from the 14-time all-star Nowitzki (31.424 points), to NBA legend Wilt Chamberlain (31.419 points) to pull ahead. Compatriot Maxi glue came on nine points and pulled six Rebounds. Young talent Luka Doncic (29 points/13 Rebounds/10 Assists) impressed with his fifth Triple-Double of the season. For Dallas, the defeat meant the From in the fight for the Playoff spots in the Western Conference.

legend on a farewell tour

20 years in the NBA: Dirk Nowitzki is the greatest German athletes

Dirk Nowitzki entered exactly 20 years ago today the big stage of the best Basketball League in the world. If he finishes soon, his career, he goes as an icon that has revolutionized an entire sport.

+++ 4.49 PM: new Zealand’s Premier Ardern will never pronounce the name of the assassin +++

new Zealand’s head of government Jacinda Ardern wants to Express according to their own statements, never in the name of the assassin of Christchurch. “With his act of terrorism he wanted to achieve many things, one of which is the level of awareness,” said Ardern at a Parliament session that you opened with the message of peace to Muslims “As Salaam Alaikum”. “That’s why you will never hear that I call his name.” The 28-year-old Australian who is accused of, to have on Friday in two mosques in Christchurch on believers shot and 50 people were killed, was a Terrorist, a Criminal, an Extremist, said Ardern. “But he will be when I am speaking, nameless.” At the same time, they said, the assassins have to expect “the full force of the law”.

Jacinda Ardern

“This is leadership”: the Prime Minister conquered to Christchurch stop a lot of the heart

new Zealand’s young Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, was yet as a woman who succeeds as well as anything. After the terrorist attack of Christchurch, you must also be seen as a crisis Manager.

DPA +++ 4.14 PM: More than two billion people without access to clean water +++

More than two billion people worldwide do not have sustainable access to clean drinking water. Especially discriminated groups are affected already, as the in Geneva, published the UN world water development report. According to the report, more than half of the world’s population use safe sanitation facilities. Also for Refugees the Situation, therefore, is particularly grim: In the refugee water supply is store is often a cause for concern. Urban residents are generally better off than inhabitants of rural regions.

+++ 4.09 PM: Green-expert warns of Cyber-attacks on Europe choice +++

The digital expert of the Green party, Dieter Janecek, has warned foreign Internet attacks, to manipulate the European elections. “At the Moment we have to assume, unfortunately, that it comes to massive actions in the network, the goal is to affect the elections”, – said the member of the Bundestag of the “Augsburger Allgemeine”. First Cyber-attacks on Europe-friendly organizations have already taken place.

“In the weeks immediately prior to the European elections it could be really bad,” said Janecek. For example, the long-time Trump-Familiar Steve Bannon announced openly, to want to destroy the EU. “It’s a kind of cyber war is already long,” he said. Already in the Bavarian state elections, there have been coordinated attacks against the Green.

+++ 4.05 PM: researchers discover coral reef off Italy +++

scientists have identified in the Mediterranean sea off the coast of Italy for the first time, a special type of a coral reef. It is located in the Adriatic sea off the town of Monopoli in Puglia in 30 to 55 meters deep and 2.5 kilometers long, as the researchers Giuseppe Corriero, University of Bari Aldo Moro in the journal “Scientific Reports.”

“corals are widespread in the Mediterranean region, there are, however, of the 33 native species of stony corals, only a few reef-forming species,” said Claudio Richter, a marine biologist at the Bremerhaven Alfred-Wegener-Institute, the German press Agency. He was not involved in the study. Of the wide dissemination of the presented in the study species of coral you didn’t know, “but that they can form three-dimensional reef structures”. In this respect, the discovery is scientifically new.

+++ 3.54 PM: wine growers have a good harvest and enough glass bottles +++

After the rich harvest of the past autumn, it is in the case of supplying winemakers with glass bottles came to bottlenecks. Everywhere you hear these complaints, said Ernst Büscher from the German wine Institute in Bodenheim near Mainz. It is the harvest amount was not, however, alone, which have led to this Situation, it means when bottle wholesalers Wittmer GmbH in Rhineland-Palatinate, Kirrweiler. “The demand for glass is generally greater, many of the beverage companies go to the PET plastic back to glass,” said Wittmer, managing Director Sascha Wlodarczyk.

The additional demand in the market could not be covered with existing capacities. The Situation is similar at the winery article dealer estimated to be Small in the Franconian town of Kitzingen is: “The glass cabins are empty.”

+++ 3.50 PM: Eleven years ‘ imprisonment for Australians to the deadly dispute on the room +++

Because of a deadly dispute as to the payment of an Airbnb room in Australia, the landlord has been sentenced to eleven years in prison. The 42-year-old Australian had beaten the host along with two accomplices in Melbourne to death. The dispute went up to 210 Australian dollars (about 130 euros), which had not paid the 36-year-old victim. The Online accommodation platform Airbnb is used in Australia much.

In Salzburg

social apartment on Airbnb offered: tenant is placed in front of the door

The court in Melbourne decided, moreover, that the offender can be exercised at the earliest after eight years, released from prison, as the Australian news Agency AAP reported. The two accomplices were already in the past Yessentenced to hr for seven and a half or nine years in prison.

+++ 3.24 PM: “tropical-Trump” Bolsonaro comes to Washington +++

The United States and Brazil, with the visit to the new, right-wing conservative heads of state, Jair Bolsonaro, a U.S. President Donald Trump your relationships rearrange. At the talks in the White house it will go to a variety of issues, including energy and agricultural policy, BelTA learned from the White house. “We have now in Brazil a government that said, we truly as allies,” a senior administration official in Washington. In the talks in Washington, it is also foreign policy cooperation, for example in relations to countries such as Iran, China and North Korea. The good contacts with the Brazilian military to the army of Venezuela, Washington hoped for benefits.


President of Brazil shocks with obscene Video to the Public and have to explain yourself


Bolsonaro had already arrived two days before his Meeting with Trump in the United States. The new government in Brasilia had known from the beginning to a clearly Pro-American-African line. Bolsonaro is criticized in other countries hard, including Statements, with which he expressed his sympathy to the Brazilian military dictatorship. He had a tropical due to populist and confrontational Statements in the media, the nickname “the-Trump”. In many countries of the shoulder is economies the end of the populists at the top of the two largest economies on the American continent viewed critically.

+++ 2.42 PM: major fire in chemical plant in Texas +++

A major fire in a chemical plant in a suburb of Houston clouds of thick smoke over Texas city. According to media reports from Monday evening (local time) had recognised the flames already have several large tanks, where various chemicals and fuels are stored. The fire brigade tried to prevent an extension of the flame, and reckoned that it could take until Wednesday to extinguish the fire completely. People do not come to harm.