Bavaria’s interior Minister Joachim Herrmann wants to leave, returning IS fighters with a German passport, which are to prove any crime, emergency, strictly monitor.

If you have made returnees proven to according to German law, is guilty of an Offence, you would have to be before the court, and upon conviction put behind bars, said the CSU politician of the “Passauer Neue Presse”. “We can’t lead the evidence, we need to control the IS returnees closely, if necessary with a Round-the-clock Surveillance.” That would be for the police and the protection of the Constitution, a significant additional burden.

The discussion had been triggered by US President Donald Trump. This had called on European countries such as Germany, more than 800 in Syria prisoner IS fighters to withdraw, and to bring them to justice. If the allies did not react, had forced the United States to put the fighter on free. But these are not in US custody, but in the violence of Kurdish forces.

the German interior Minister, Horst Seehofer (CSU), wants to let the former fighters and their families only to return to Germany, if their identity is clarified, and do not represent an incalculable security risk. “Each individual case must be resolved on the spot, before anyone is set on the plane,” he said of the “süddeutsche Zeitung”. In addition, Seehofer wants to prevent IS fighters, who are suspected of serious crimes, dive in Germany. “I want to shoot dangerous people, if we cannot ensure the security that we can take, for example, in prison again, because they can be searched with a warrant.”

Baden-württemberg’s Minister of the interior Thomas Strobl (CDU), who wanted to deprive the returnees, in addition to the German a other passport, German citizenship. “Those who serve in foreign armed forces, loses his citizenship. This must apply a fortiori to a terrorist militia,” he said of the “image”-newspaper.