A new symbol of the ambitions in space of China. Beijing has unveiled this Tuesday a replica of its first large space station, called Tiangong (“heavenly Palace”). She should be meeting around 2022, and would then become the only resort to move into the area after the retreat scheduled from the international space station (ISS), scheduled for 2024.

“China will use its space station in the same manner as the partners of the ISS [United States, Russia, Europe, Japan, and Canada] are currently using them, research, development of technologies and preparation of crews of chinese to long-duration flights,” says Chen Lan, an analyst for GoTaikonauts.com a specialist internet site in the space program chinese.

A replica of the future space station chinese at the Salon of aeronautics and aerospace Zhuhai (south of China), November 6, 2018

afp.com/WANG ZHAO

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The space station, chinese (CSS) will consist of three parts: a main module along nearly 17 metres (place of life and labour) presented to you on Tuesday, and two related modules (for scientific experiments). It will be significantly smaller than the ISS, and its lifetime is estimated at 10 years.

the Three astronauts will be able to live permanently on board of the spacecraft, with a total weight of at least 60 tons, and equipped with solar panels.

Can-be europeans on board

China has also announced in may with the Office for outer space affairs of the united nations that his station would be open “to all countries” to conduct scientific experiments.

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Institutes, universities and public and private companies were invited to submit projects. Beijing has received 40 from 27 countries and regions, proposals that still need to be the subject of a selection, reported in October, State television CCTV. The european space agency (ESA) sends already astronauts training in China, with the goal that they are flying a day aboard the station in chinese.

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Despite the rivalry between Beijing and Washington, engaged in a trade war, a spationaut american could even one day work on board the CSS.