Ernst August of Hannover, Jun., not can be used for the renovation of the castle in Marienburg, according to enough of their own money reserves. “I would be glad and proud if I could get the castle alone. But I just can’t do it,” said the 35-Year-old of the “Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung” (Paid content). Therefore, the Erbprinz would like to sell the headquarters of the Guelph family for a symbolic Euro to the Land of lower Saxony.

The Public make completely the wrong ideas from the wealth of his family, which is one of the oldest European noble houses, said the Prince. “It is (…) a myth that the Guelph house is immensely rich,” said the London-raised Banker.

Ernst-August: million for restoration

In the “HAZ are gone”-Interview, the Prince also commented on the whereabouts of the 44 million euros that he had taken in 2005 at an art sale at the castle and provided a good Share for the renovation of the building: “The money is gone.”

Ernst August of Hanover and Ekaterina

they are expecting Baby number two


A majority of the net proceeds was used for liabilities in the years of pent-up had, before I had taken over the responsibility. The considerable accumulated debts of my father had to be repaid and Refinancing will be made”, Ernst-August Jr. of his father.

Ernst-August, Sr.: legacy “adequate

” Of Ernst August of Hannover, 64 want to know, but nothing. In a Letter from the beginning of December, he had to impose “no understanding” of this application, “the taxpayer the burden of conservation”, such as “The mirror” reported.

, Ernst August, the heir of the castle “adequate”, – said in the Letter. The receipt of the master’s seat is secured. “Like all the generations before him”, his son is quite able to bear the costs for the preservation of the castle, Ernst-August in the Write pointed.

Guelph wedding: Like a horse in the beautiful Ekaterina stole the Show Fullscreen

drove The Bridal couple with the Carriage.

©Julian Stratenschulte/DPA Prince his gift wants to return

It is not the first Time that there is between the Ernst-August Jr., and Ernst-August, sen. trouble around the family castle. Since 2004 Marienburg castle belongs to the young Prince as part of a gift from his father, which includes, in addition to the castle other lands and possessions. Ernst-August of Hanover, employs lawyers, his gift to take back. His justification: “gross ingratitude” and the preservation “of the century-old property with important cultural goods”. The ratio of Senior and Junior is not so broken that Ernst-August took on the splendour of the nobility-his son’s wedding in July 2017 part.

Because of the dispute, the Land of lower Saxony holds back with a (symbolic) purchase. Prime Minister Stephan Weil (SPD) introduced briefly clear before Christmas that the country is interested that the castle of Marienburg remain accessible to the public. The tourist attraction draws more than 200,000 visitors annually.

family feud

Ernst August, wants to return to his castle – the bitter power struggle with the Guelphs

It is the aristocratic wedding of the year: Ernst August of Hanover married on Saturday. But his father, Ernst August Sr., will remain the wedding Ceremony. Because in the family is a struggle for Power, and millions of raging.

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