The British Prime Minister, Theresa May wants to withdraw, when the house of Commons on the third attempt, your with Brussels negotiated Brexit Treaty. Thus, the starting signal for the race to be her successor. There are several contenders for the party presidency, and thus for the office of the government.

chairs back in the Brexit-tug-of-war? The possible successor of Prime Minister Theresa May


Sajid Javid, Britain’s Minister of the interior

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Sajid Javid

The former investment banker and son of a Pakistani bus driver, is considered the face of modern, multicultural Britain. He is a member of the economically liberal wing of the Conservatives, and voted in 2016 for a fate of his country in the European Union. According to the outcome of the vote, he supported then, but the Brexit course.

Since his appointment as Minister of the interior in April 2018 has gained Javid already of respect for his handling of the so-called Windrush affair, when it comes to dealing with children of immigrants from the Caribbean. In liberal circles, he has been criticized recently, because he’s a young British IS supporter who wanted to return to the UK, deprived of the nationality.


Jeremy Hunt, the UK Minister of foreign Affairs

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Jeremy Hunt

The successor of Boris Johnson in the office of the Minister for foreign Affairs was, in fact, to remain in the UK in the EU. However, he criticized the appearance of Brussels in the negotiations to the outlet later than “arrogant”. The former businessman, who speaks fluent Japanese, is considered to be particularly resilient. The influence of the 52-Year-old in the Cabinet is gradually increased.


Boris Johnson, Britain’s Ex-foreign Minister


Boris Johnson

The former mayor of London was one of the leaders of the Brexit campaign before the Referendum in the year 2016. He drove for weeks in a Bus across the UK and called on the British to “control back”. Johnson ran at the time, however, for the successor to the outgoing Prime Minister, David Cameron.

His successor, Theresa May familiar Johnson, then the office of the Minister for foreign Affairs. He was, however, a variety of slip-up and made no great figure on the diplomatic parquet. Prior to his resignation in July, he was a fierce critic of Mays Brexit course.

The 54-Year-old, who is often referred to simply as “Boris” or “BoJo” has made in the ranks of the Tories, some of the enemies. According to media reports, he announced after may’s resignation offer, he would now vote for Brexit Deal. In the case of the British bookmakers, he is considered the favorite.


Michael Gove, Britain’s Minister for the environment


Michael Gove

The Brexit-the word leader, Gove wanted to grab in the chaos after the Referendum in 2016, after the party top. He didn’t make it in the voting in the group, however, in the final round. May made him in June 2017 to the Minister of the environment, where he stayed with a number of eco-friendly announcements in the headlines. The 51-Year-old is the leading Brexit-hard-liners in Mays government. It could be because of its smooth of the items on a compromise candidate.


David Lidington, Deputy Prime Minister, May

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David Lidington

Mays De facto Deputy, an influential Insider who has participated in some of the most important discussions with leading parliamentarians, in order to get the Brexit Deal by the house of Commons. The 62-Year-old is a Brexit advocates, and enjoys high recognition for his diplomatic skills.

He was named last weekend as a possible interim head of government, as the British media of a “Kabinettscoup” against May, reported. Lidington played the speculation down. He did not desire to assume the office of the Prime Minister, he told journalists.


Dominic Raab, the UK’s Brexit-Minister


Dominic Raab

The 45-Year-old followed in July as a Brexit-Ministers David Davis, acknowledged his Post, because he felt that the line of May to Brussels than to soft. However, Raab didn’t last long on the Post. He resigned in November and called the Brexit Treaty as “bad for our economy and our democracy.” Raab is a Boxer and also a carrier of a black belt in Karate. He has never excluded, to try to Mays Job.


Amber Rudd, the UK’s Minister for work and pensions

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Amber Rudd

After a career as a financial journalist Rudd in 2010, was elected to Parliament. The 55-year-old is regarded as a reliable supporter of May, and accompanied their way to the government. Than May of 2016, took over the business of the Prime Minister, confided to them Rudd your old Post as Minister of the interior. This, however, had to withdraw to may’s reputation in the Windrush protect affair. Meanwhile, Rudd is again Minister, this time for work and pensions. In the case of a candidacy for the party chairmanship could be fatal, that she has advertised for a great Britain remain in the EU. In the meantime, it is considered to be the outsider among the possible successors.

Brexit negotiations

Theresa May, sacrifices himself and the insane Chaos makes only insane

The British Prime Minister, Theresa May offers her resignation. In return, however, they expected support for their Deal. Thus, a turbulent and, in all likelihood, it threatens to also unsavory discussion of the succession.

By Michael Streck Edouard Guihare / fs / AFP