Mrs Haidar, what do you know about your husband, Raif Badawi?

I hope it goes well for him. My children and I browse every day in a photo album, with pictures from the days when we were still a happy family in Saudi Arabia.

when did you last contact?

a few weeks Ago I was able to speak briefly on the phone with him. I’m very Worried about his health.

Can you say about the conditions of detention of something?

Raif never talks about the conditions in the prison.

2015 languages with the star, sat Raif Badawi in a cell with 600 other prisoners.

In the meantime, he’s been transferred to another prison. He lives there with 124 prisoners in a cell.

If you are on a call, how long the conversations last?

About five minutes. Most happy Raif sounds, if he is allowed to talk to the children.

To the Person

Ensaf Haidar is the wife of blogger Raif Badawi. He was sentenced in 2012 in Saudi Arabia for “insulting Islam”, ten years in prison and a thousand beatings. Badawi had used on his Website “Free Saudi Liberals” for freedom of expression. Ensaf Haidar succeeded with their three children escape through Egypt and Lebanon to Canada. She lives in the small town of Sherbrooke, and is fighting for the pardon of her husband, #FreeRaif. Ensaf Haidar founded the Raif Badawi Foundation for the support of freedom of expression. She was awarded international prizes for their commitment. In Germany, the FDP awards-close-to-Friedrich Naumann Foundation each year, the Raif Badawi Award to the brave journalists in Islamic societies. The life story of Raif Badawi and Ensaf Haidar will be filmed by a German film-maker and will likely be 2020 in the cinemas.

How are you?

I wait and wait and try not to lose hope. I miss Raif, every Minute and every second. My phone is always with me, so that he can reach me. I have no phone number from him. I have to wait until Raif is allowed to contact me. He is missing us so much.

there Is in your life still merry moments?

Yes, always when I hear that Raif is alive. It is also a comfort that we have found in Canada, in Sherbrooke, where we have been living for six years, a new home. I have real friends who support me when I need help.

you have not seen her husband for six years. Can you describe your feelings for Raif?

Not so good. There is something very Large. He is in my thoughts every day. My love for Raif is deep. I am proud of the fact that he is fighting and not giving up. But, damn it, I need him here, now, in my life. I need a husband, the children need a father.

How to cope with it the children that their father is in prison?

It is difficult. All three suffer very much. On the phone they ask Raif: “dad, when are you coming back?” Then he says: “Now, please give me the mom back on the phone.”

the three in the school Get on well right?

Oh Yes, all three have good grades. Najwa loves science and English, Miriyam is good in history and Dode is a little mathematician.

they fled in 2012 with the children of Egypt and Lebanon to Canada, where they found asylum. Since 1. July 2018 they are canadian citizens. What is the new passport mean for you?

I am now a proud canadian. The day that I was able for the first Time with a canadian passport to travel abroad, I will never forget. This Freedom!

on the very first day as a canadian, they claimed in a public statement, the prohibition of niqab and burqa in the state of Ontario, where they now live. Why?

In Canada, I realized how under the law of the Sharia misogynistic men over power women, Lord. Nikab and the Burka are symbols of.


wife Ensaf Haidar

Saudi Arabian Blogger Badawi: To whip a 250,000 Euro fine

bats now a book written about your life*, in that you say, that Raif Badawi know as it got to little interest in politics. How came it in him to change?

He was never a Conservative. After our wedding we traveled a lot abroad. We’ve learned from freedom. Raif began to read books about the French Revolution and the enlightenment. This has him very impressed. His idea of freedom he has formulated this: “live and let live.”

ask the Saudi crown Prince Mohammed Salman bin again and again for mercy for her husband. You expect that Raif Badawi must serve the full ten years?

I don’t know it. The thought of that makes me scared.

He would be free in the year 2022.

Sometimes I dream I see the day again. Then I imagine how I and the children pick him up at the airport in Montreal. Raif don’t know that I’ve done in Canada, the driver’s license. I imagine, as we go to the car, as I sit behind the wheel and leave. Raif will be amazed.

*”freedom for Raif Badawi, the love of my life,” Ensaf Haidar, Bastei Lübbe, 11 Euro.

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