Because he was killed almost 13 years ago, a 22-Year-old in the delusion with a knife, sat Hendrik Schalski in a Berlin correctional facility. In mid-March, managed to escape the still classified as dangerous, the man on a free. Now, the Berlin police have an APB out in public with his photo. Anyone who sees the 34-Year-old, to ask him, however, in no case, and immediately the emergency call to select, ask the authority. He is in need of “regular medication”, and it could not be ruled out “that Hendrik Schalski carries a knife”.

On star demand explains to a police officer, why you went to immediately after his escape to the Public: “We must first of all investigate any other Clues, and we had some very promising approaches”. Last week, the medication he got at the clinic administered would have lost, “so slow in their effect,” said the spokeswoman. “Therefore, we had then a larger pressure, also to inform the Public.”

Hendrik Schalski after deadly knife attack at the forensic psychiatric

Schalski was from August 2007 “in the hospital for coercive treatment”. Media agree according to reports, the man in the forums was housed of psychiatry on the site of the former Karl-Bonhoeffer-nervenklinik, also popularly Bonnie’s Ranch. During a accompanied Free way he escaped. How exactly he managed to escape, is not known. In the case of forensic competent authority on star-inquiry tight-lipped: “At 14. March 2019 has used the Patient and his accompanied the exit to the escape,” by the Senate Department for nursing, health and equality.

The easing of coercive treatment have been considered since the end of October 2018. Since then, he was 17 Times in the different accompaniment, such as from nurses, social workers, or therapists on free courses. According to the authority Schalski was on the “enforcement of easing, level 1a”, so the first stage of a total of eleven, which must go through a Patient until he can be released.

“Europe’s Most Wanted”

Europol is looking for this 47 felons – including familiar faces

Shortly before Christmas 2006 Schalski in Berlin had razor-Spandau to him fleetingly well-known man on the street, after the two clashed. The severely wounded dragged himself back to his nearby apartment to his pregnant girlfriend, died shortly afterwards. Two stitches were taken in his heart.

Schalski was indicted for manslaughter, however, recognized appraisers for him to have a delusional disorder. The judge saw an “incapacity because of mental disorder” and ordered in accordance with Paragraph 63 of the criminal code (StGB), the placement in psychiatry. the There offender a sit until you will to certify that they are not a threat for serious crimes proceeds. This is reviewed once a year by experts. Theoretically, criminals can be incarcerated here so much longer than for the Offence is common.

The police describes Hendrik Schalski:

. 34 to 40 years altca. 180 cm tall, obese figure, long dark blonde hair with a ponytail, dark blond full barter a black bomber jacket, black Jogging pants, and sturdy footwear wore and had a dark blue backpack smokers Fullscreen

Hendrik Schalksi as a dangerous

©police Berlin

The police want to know who the man in the 14th century. March has seen or knows where he is since then. In addition, the officials hope to obtain information on possible contact persons of Schalski or “to places where the Volatile wrong”.

notes takes the Landeskriminalamt Berlin in the Gothaer Str. 19 in 10823 Berlin-Schöneberg under the telephone number (030) 4664-973305 or by E-Mail [email protected] or any other police Department.

sources: Berlin police Department / Prosecutor’s office of Berlin / the Berlin Senate administration for health, care and equality / laws in the Internet / “B. Z.”