In Manhattan, New York, died on Monday, a helicopter on the roof of a skyscraper is hard. A man was killed, which is according to the authorities, presumably to the pilot.

reported In the working people, the building wobbled. In the building was injured, according to the Governor of the state of New York, Andrew Cuomo, however, no one. After the accident, a fire broke out, the fire Department, however, quickly was able to delete.

No clues on Terror

The causes of the accident were initially unclear. Apparently, the helicopter attempted an emergency landing on the roof of the 54-storey, 230-metre-high Axa Equitable Center, was killed, said Cuomo. There is no evidence that the helicopter could have been the target of an attack. “No signs of any Terrorist backgrounds,” said mayor Bill de Blasio at The time of the incident was in the US East coast metropolis of bad weather with rain and fog.

A Twitter course an alarming Video to show the helicopter shortly before the accident.