in The crash of a helicopter on a skyscraper in the New York city borough of Manhattan is at least a man lost his life. The fire brigade of the US East coast metropolis confirmed on Twitter.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said at the crash site, the helicopter tried to on the high-rise roof notzulanden. A fire had broken out, the got the fire but under control.

the crash in the Seventh road in Manhattan, close to the famous Times Square. At the time of the crash bad weather prevailed rained, it. The clouds hung so low that the tops of the clouds were not visible scratches.

The fire Department announced on Twitter, the helicopter had crashed on the roof of the building. In an earlier Tweet, the fire Department had told me that the helicopter was brought down in the high-rise.

The police blocked the streets around the site of the accident. Many rescue workers were deployed. Cuomo said people in the affected had told the house, they would have felt, as the building had been shaken by the impact of the helicopter.

The White house said, US President, Donald Trump had been informed about the crash. The aviation authority FAA reported that they collect information about the incident.

Cuomo was. in his short Statement on the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001 as terrorists aircraft operated in the World Trade Center in New York. There is no evidence that there was a similar incident, said the Governor.