Threatened The most important messages in the Short Overview:

helicopter crashes into building, (20.39 hours)

a nurse after the death of several babies in England is fixed (15.58 PM)

a man in Malmö, the police shot, with the bomb attack (14.14 PM)

singer-songwriter Wolfram Eicke’s drowning in the Baltic sea (16.15)

man drowns after bet in the pond (8.84 PM)

poll: Green to build up their lead – Habeck favorite at Chancellor’s question (14: 05)

E-scooter can start at the earliest in July (5.04 PM)

Trump’s agreement with Mexico proclaimed in the migration to the dispute (3 p.m.)

the messages from The Whitsun week-end in the star-Ticker:

+++ 20.39 watch: helicopter crashes in the center of Manhattan, in the building +++

A helicopter crashed in the New York city borough of Manhattan, in a high-rise building. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said at the scene of the incident, it came on Monday probably people hurt. The transmitter CNN reported that at least one person had been injured. Cumomo said, the helicopter have tried on the high rise roof notzulanden. A fire had broken out, the got the fire but under control.

the crash in the Seventh road in Manhattan, close to the famous Times Square. At the time of the crash bad weather prevailed rained, it. The clouds hung so low that the tops of the clouds were not visible scratches.

+++ 17.48 PM: new elections in Greece on 7. July +++

a Good two weeks after his defeat in the European elections, the Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Monday has requested the state President Prokopis Pavlopoulos early parliamentary elections. These are on 7. July to take place, said Tsipras in the state television (ERT). The conservative opposition party Nea Dimokratia (ND) had won 33.1 percent in the European elections. Syriza came to 23.8 percent. All the polls show that it could be coming in Greece in July to a change of government. The Conservatives, according to demographers, with around ten percentage points ahead.

+++ 16.18 PM: police: 43 Dead in Raids of criminal gangs in Northern Nigeria +++

In Raids of criminal gangs in Northern Nigeria have been killed on the Whitsun week-end for 43 people. Armed men are invaded in the night to Sunday in several villages in the state of Sokoto, and had indiscriminately shot at the residents. The Human rights organization Human Rights Watch, said that alone in the Federal state of Zamfara at the beginning had been killed since the year at least 262 people from the “bandits”. In addition thousands of soldiers had been in the Region to be stationed, the have to but only a few people.

+++ 16.04 PM: Drunken truck against a plane +++

moves with the tank, A drunken employee of the airport Kosice in Slovakia is a car with a tank load against a ready-to-fly plane. The alcohol test showed to 2.96 per thousand, the police announced on Monday. Of the plane’s occupants, no one was hurt. The airport staff a prison sentence of two to five years due to common threat, the threat is now a police spokeswoman. The man was immediately dismissed. Apart from a delay due to the necessary control of possible damage to the departure-ready aircraft seat should have noticed the passengers of the Happen to nothing. The plane had not been damaged.

+++ 15.58 PM: a nurse after the death of several babies in England fixed +++

After the death of several babies in a hospital in Chester in the North West of England, a 28-year-old nurse has been arrested. She is accused of, to have at least eight newborn babies killed, according to British media reported on Monday, citing the police. In nine other cases, your attempted murder of the newborn would be laid to the load. The woman had been in July last year, was detained, but then released on bail have been left.

The investigation against the nurse, who worked on the newborn Station, had been initiated after a striking increase of cases of death among babies in the Countess of Chester Hospital between 2015 and 2016. During the investigation, it comes to 17 deaths and 16 non-fatal collapse disorder of newborns. The nurse is cooperating with investigators, police said. About a possible motive were not disclosed.

+++ 15.48 PM: bloodbath in Mali: Nearly 100 Dead in attack on a village +++

In the case of a suspected terrorist attack on a village in Central Mali have been killed, according to initial findings, at least 95 people. Approximately 20 people were initially unaccounted for, as the government of the West African crisis state announced on Monday. The attack on the village Sangha in the Region of Mopti in the night to Monday is expected to “armed men, probably terrorists”. The Bundeswehr is involved with around 1000 soldiers to a UN peacekeeping mission to stabilise Mali and the EU Training mission. In the North and in the centre of the country’s numerous Islamist terrorist groups are active.

+++ 15.10: for the First time since the fire mass in Notre-Dame planned to be celebrated +++

Two months after the disastrous fire in Notre-Dame next weekend in the Paris Cathedral for the first time in a trade fair. The exact date will be announced in the course of the week. The exhibition will be held in the chapel at the Eastern end of the Cathedral behind the high altar, and from the Catholic channel KTO TV live broadcast. Notre Dame was in the big fire at the 15. April been badly damaged.

+++ 14.58 PM: survey-majority: a Grand coalition to govern +++

A majority of Germans wants a survey, a continuation of the embattled coalition. In the RTL/n-tv trend barometer, 59 percent of the 1003 respondents argue that the Union and the SPD govern until the end of the legislative period in 2021. 33 per cent want to, however, is that the Alliance of the CDU and the SPD ends prematurely. The Grand coalition should burst, would be 53 percent for a new election. A Jamaica-coalition of Union, Green party and FDP prefer 24 percent. 16 per cent were in favour of a minority government, Union and Green.

+++ 14.54 hrs: After reaching an agreement with Mexico: Trump++

US President Donald Trump once again threatens + Mexico threatened to a just announced agreement on trade and migration issues again with punitive tariffs. It was able to achieve with Mexico, in addition, a long-desired agreement in the framework of the joint border security deal, wrote Trump on Monday on Twitter, without mentioning Details. This part of the deal, in the not too distant futureft will be published, had to be ratified by the Mexican Parliament. “We expect no Problem with this vote, but the consent for any reason should not come forward to be introduced to the duties,” wrote Trump.

+++ 14: 28: newspaper: exchange student from Germany in England, heavy + +

injured + A foreign exchange student from Germany, a press has been attacked according to a report in the South East of England, by several youths, and seriously injured. As the newspaper “The Guardian” reported on Sunday evening, was attacked by the 17-Year-old in the centre of the city of Canterbury. The police go after, among other things, a possible racist Background. The Boy had apparently Lebanese roots. The victim was flown with serious head injuries in a hospital in London and had to emergency surgery. After the attack on Thursday evening, six Teenagers had been arrested in Canterbury and the surrounding area at the age of 15 to 17 years of age, as well as a 44-year-old man. The latter was under the suspicion of state aid. Meanwhile, all those arrested were released on bail, as it is called on.

+++ 14.14 PM: man in Malmö, police shot and wounded – Threatened with bombing +++

A large-scale operation held by the police in the Swedish city of Malmö in breathing. A man had to report threatened, according to the Swedish media in the morning in the Central station of the city, to be armed and to detonate an explosive device. Police officers shot the man in the legs. He had been admitted to a hospital and floating is not in life danger, so the police in Malmö at a press conference in the early afternoon. The man had not yet been identified, so police commander, Per Olof Söyseth. The station was widely cordoned off, the traffic came to a Standstill.

According to the newspaper “Dagens Nyheter” had been blown up by the ordnance bomb disposal a suspicious object. So far we have found but no bomb or made harmless, so-Calle Persson of the police in Malmö. At the press conference was informed that several house searches were carried out and the vehicle controls. The police currently has the theory that it could be a terrorist, classifies it, however, as attempted murder. The arrested man never belonged to any terrorist group, according to police.

+++ 12.52 PM: the Worst plague of locusts in Sardinia in the last 60 years +++

A severe plague of locusts to the farmers on the Italian Mediterranean island of Sardinia. The Italian farmers ‘ Association Coldiretti said on Monday, the insects have already destroyed the seed on 2000 acres of Land. Fields on the island are literally covered with the insects. The plague of locusts is, therefore, a sudden rise in temperature on the island of Sardinia, followed by a relative cold may. The locusts are hatched then the mass of their eggs. A solution in the fight against the plague is not the Association that is currently in view.

+++ 12.38 PM: police are looking for in the Australian Hinterland to the missing property backpackers +++

In the case of a for more than a week of missing backpackers from Belgium, the Australian police have their search on the Hinterland expanded. The 18-year-old Theo Hayez was on 31. May not be in Hostel in the case of the surfers, the popular coastal town of Byron Bay on the East coast of the country returned. Numerous forces searched the Region to the East and North-East of the city to the young tourists, said police chief Matthew Kehoe. Hayez had left back his passport and all his personal belongings in the Hostel. Also he had used since his Disappearance, neither his mobile phone nor his credit card.