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Heavy street battles in Caracas: tank vehicle grid in the crowd (17.45)hopes foreign Minister Maas for a peaceful solution in Venezuela (16.15)power struggle in Venezuela is coming to a head, apparently: heavy battles from Caracas reported (15.14 PM 13.13 PM and 12.46 PM)

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+++ 17.55 PM: Heavy street battles in Caracas: tank vehicle grid in the crowd +++

On Live television, and broadcasted by, among other things, the British BBC, are to be seen on the streets of Venezuela’s capital, Caracas, in serious riots. Civilians are faced with on a multi-lane road, the security forces in armored clearance vehicles. After minutes have been thrown out long items on top of the vehicles, is one of the space vehicles into the crowd of protesters raced and has obviously several people. The BBC broke the Transfer immediately. Whether it has been injured, or even Dead, is currently not known.

members of the opposition and government security forces loyal to deliver in Caracas ever since the Morning, heavy clashes during which also firearms have been used, as several news agencies reported.


TV images showed the attack on the protesters.

©Screnshot / Noticias Caracol +++ 17.21 PM: report: Internet access in Venezuela is restricted +++

In Venezuela has been limited, according to one report, after the call to the Opposition to the uprising of the access to the Internet in part. Networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and platforms to Upload Videos no longer had temporarily been reached, reported the non-governmental organization Netblocks. The disturbances led Netblocks on the state-run Internet provider, which have limited access to the services. This blocking is not”, however, had been 100 per cent effective”.

+++ 16.35 PM: Venezuela’s President: military commanders loyal +++

in Spite of the calls of the Opposition in Venezuela to overthrow the socialist government, with the participation of some soldiers head of state, Nicolás Maduro victory is sure. “Nerves of steel! I have spoken with the commander (for all military zones) of the country. You have expressed your loyalty to the people, Constitution and country. I call for a mobilization of the people, for the victory of peace,” wrote Maduro on Twitter. “We will prevail.”

+++ 16: 30: Venezuelan soldiers close to the Opposition +++

Many residents of the Venezuelan capital, Caracas, are followed in the Morning to the call of the Opposition, and gathered on a highway on the edge of the air base of La Carlota. Several soldiers of the national guard joined them. Your exchange of the support of the government to the Opposition they marked part of the Wear blue cloths. Civilians welcomed the Defectors with applause, as in the Colombian TV station Noticias Caracol. For more video shots showed people that were on the way to the base of the Venezuelan flag waving on a bridge. In the process, shots were heard, and to see the smoke. It was unclear from where and by whom the shots were fired. Citing official Offices of the Noticias Caracol reported initially of ten wounded.

+++ 16.15 PM: foreign Minister Maas hopes for a peaceful solution in Venezuela +++

Federal foreign Minister Heiko Maas hopes in the light of recent developments in the Venezuelan struggle for power between the self-appointed interim President, Juan Guaidó and the head of state, Nicolás Maduro, to find a peaceful solution. “Our support for Juan Guaidó has changed in any way,” said the SPD-politician in Brasilia after a meeting with the Brazilian foreign Minister, Ernesto Araujo. He hoped that the situation remained peaceful. “We are watching the current developments very closely.”

+++ 16.13 PM: Russian politicians warn against Intervention in Venezuela +++

ussische politicians have warned in the face of a new escalation in the power struggle in Venezuela, prior to an Intervention from the outside. There were forces who sought only a pretext for a violent Intervention, wrote to the chief of the foreign Affairs Committee in Russia’s Federation Council, Konstantin Kosachev, in the case of Facebook. He called US by name, called, however, to resolve the conflict through a political dialogue and on the basis of the mechanisms of the United Nations.

in Venezuela, working military experts from Russia would not interfere, said the Russian Embassy in the Venezuelan capital, Caracas, to the Agency Interfax according to. They were not trained for combat. Rather, you should set up the Russia-supplied weapons systems and personnel training. The Embassy described the situation as calm.

+++ 16.10: US government secures Venezuelan people’s support to +++

US Vice-President Mike Pence and foreign Minister Mike Pompeo in the face of the renewed struggle in Venezuela, the Opposition to the self-appointed interim President, Juan Guaidó of their support. “America will stand with you until freedom and democracy are restored,” wrote Pence on Twitter. Pompeo wrote on Twitter: “The U.S. government supports the Venezuelan people in a state of Desire for freedom and democracy.” Democracy could not be defeated.

The United States hold the Opposition for a long Time for the legitimate power in Venezuela and to try the forces in the powerful military to the departure of President Nicolàs Maduro’s move. Washington recognizes Juan Guaidó as the legitimate political leader of Venezuela, and has imposed against the government of Maduro’s significant penalties.

+++ 15.58 PM: a Suspected accident the driver of Moers, the police +++

After the alleged car race in Moers with a killed bystander women the wanted suspects. The 21-Year-old should be screened on Wednesday the judge, told investigators in North Rhine-Westphalia.


a murder suspect: Died in a uninvolved, because he was racing an illegal car?

A Mercedes and a Range Rover driver should have delivered in Moers is an illegal car race. An innocent died. After the police investigated the alleged driver, with photos, of this on Tuesday accompanied by his lawyer, the officials.

+++ 15: 27: Cuba condemned the “revolutionary movement” in Venezuela +++

Cuba’s President Miguel Díaz-Canel deplores the recent developments in the power struggle in Venezuela between the self-appointed interim President, Juan Guaidó and head of state, Nicolás Maduro. “We condemn this revolutionary movement, which aims to cover the Land with violence,” wrote Díaz-Canel on Twitter.

The Cuban head of state spoke of “traitors”, which would have been at the head of a “subversive movement”. This would have used “troops and police with weapons of war, ( … ), to cause fear and Terror,” wrote Díaz-Canel.

+++ 15.14 PM: power struggle in Venezuela is coming to a head, apparently: heavy battles from Caracas reported +++

The power struggle in the crisis-ridden Venezuela seems to be in a new – violent – round. The Colombian news channel Noticias Caracol reports of “serious” battles in the vicinity of a military base in the Venezuelan capital, Caracas. On recordings of the transmitter, to show the current situation, is repeatedly loud Pop, possibly a volley of gunfire, to hear, while people in a panic to safety. To identify whether or not live ammunition was fired, and by whom the shots were fired.

The self-proclaimed Venezuelan interim President Juan Guaidó supplies for months, in an open trial of strength with the socialist head of state, Nicolás Maduro. Guaidó members of the army, called recently again to join him. His “Operation freedom” go now into the decisive Phase, he said on Tuesday morning. He had shown the opposition leader Leopoldo López, according to its own figures shortly before by soldiers from his year long house arrest, was freed.

The government denounced a “coup attempt” and promised to have the situation in Venezuela under control. They called on their followers to flock to the presidential Palace. In the course of Tuesday, security forces in Caracas were, according to Reports from several news agencies used tear gas against protesters.

The Spanish government has warned, however, against a “shedding of blood” in Venezuela.

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+++ 14.57 PM: five and a half years in prison for fatal beating attack on pedestrians +++

In the case of a dispute in the road, a cyclist in Hannover beat a pedestrian to death and must now five and a half years in prison. The district court sentenced the 28-Year-old because of bodily injury or death and also ordered his placement in a rehabilitation institution. The defendant was advised last October, with a pedestrian to each other, suddenly ran on the road. The 40-Year-old died of the blows of a martial arts experienced cyclist.

The judge came to the conclusion that the drug addicts want to hurt him or not known to the victim, but not killing, said a court spokesman after the trial. The man had initially been manslaughter accused. The judgment is not yet final.

+++ 14.53 PM: Merkel delivers a wide-ranging and planned retreat in the opposite +++

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) entered into force, contrary to conjecture, she wanted shortly after the European elections to make a planned withdrawal from the office known. On the General question of whether there is a longer decision, about the you on the occasion of a after the election provided for CDU Board exam be made mandatory, said Merkel in Berlin on Tuesday, this could be you “, the answer is a clear no.”

CDU Boss Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer has for the 2. and 3. June leadership retreat choice convened shortly after the Europe on 26. May. This had triggered speculation that it could depending on the outcome of the election, and the parallel election in Bremen, a rapid exchange of Merkel Kramp-karrenbauer in the Chancellery.

+++ 14.51 watch: Boy dies of bowel obstruction – prison sentence for the mother +++

condemned To the agonizing death due to intestinal obstruction of a five-year-old boy from Eschweiler near Aachen, the mother is a prison sentence of four years and six months. The 34-year-old defendant had made the assault that resulted in death, guilty, noted the judges of the Aachen regional court in its judgment. You let Revision.

by the time a prescribed medication for constipation, the abdomen of the young at the date of death was up and green, as well as in each of the smallest touch-maximum pain was sensitive, would have had to go to the mother with the child to the doctor, explained to the presiding judge Roland Klösges.

+++ 14.42 watch: Alleged serial Bank robber from Austria in Berlin, taken +++

A 16 robbery wanted man raids in Austria, has been taken in Berlin. This was a line under the longest Bank and postal robbery has been drawn to series of a single offender in the Alpine country, said Minister of the interior, Herbert Kickl (FPÖ). As the police in Vienna told, took aim investigators and a SWAT team from Berlin, and the Suspect already on 5. February in a warehouse. In interviews with the 54 have been shown-Year-old confesses, it said.

+++ 14.27 at: demolition of porn work in Lügde further children-Material + +

The demolition of the camp-Dwelling of the main suspect in the abuse found + the case of Lügde additional child porn count has been found. Under the middle of April, provided data on a CD-ROM with children in pornographic films had been ensured-makers, said the NRW Minister of the interior, Herbert Reul (CDU), in a special session of the Committee on internal Affairs of the country tags. The CD media in addition to other data from the Demolition companyhe had been found. A further eleven Video cassettes had Reul, according to no relevant content. Partial CDs were according to Reuls not read.

+++ 13.47 PM: Shocked investigators: trial for abuse of infant +++

bowel injury, rib fractures, skull fractures – a seven-week-old infant has been is of the view that the Palatine public Prosecutor’s office from his parents abused and tortured. Because you live to hurt their little son dangerous, the 26-year-old mother and 24-year-old father in Frankenthal before the court. Only emergency surgery saved, therefore, the boy. How and why it came to the injury, the Couple from Ludwigshafen made in the process kick-off.

The five negotiating days scheduled process to Read out the indictment on the 7. May be adjourned. Then at least the mother wants to make a statement.

+++ 13.13 PM: power struggle in Venezuela: opposition leader freed, government: “coup attempt” +++

The self-proclaimed Venezuelan interim President Juan Guaido wants to push the socialist head of state, Nicolas Maduro, with the help of the military from the office. He was together with the soldiers and the from house arrest, freed opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez. His “Operation freedom” go now into the decisive Phase, he said.

Shortly before, had freed soldiers opposition leader Lopez according to the available data from the year-long house arrest. “Now is the hour, in order to attain freedom,” wrote Lopez on Twitter. Guaido called on other units of the military of the South American country to join him.

The socialist government of President Maduro’s speech, however, only a small group of soldiers that have joined Guaido. “We call on the people to remain in maximum alert, and together with the glorious armed forces of the coup attempt to fend off and to keep the peace,” wrote communications Minister Jorge Rodriguez on Twitter.

see also the entry from 12.46 p.m.

+++ 13.04 PM: More than 42,000 people Displaced by fighting around Tripoli in Libya +++

Since the start of the recent fighting in the Libyan capital, Tripoli, according to the UN refugee Agency has been distributed to the UNHCR, more than 42,000 people. Some have found in schools and other public buildings of refuge, others came with family members, said a UNHCR spokesman in Geneva. At least 278 people had come since the resumption of fighting in the beginning of the month have been killed and more than 1,300 had been injured. Many people are scared and desperate and didn’t trust the houses. It’s food, water and gasoline were missing. More and more of the power from the case.

+++ 13.00: Heavy destruction after hurricane “Kenneth” in Mozambique +++

The second hurricane within a few weeks, has been destroyed in Mozambique, according to initial estimates, around 35 000 homes and 200 classroom. Thousands of people had become homeless. Cyclone “Kenneth” have also damaged at least 14 hospitals and health centers, said a spokesman for the UN emergency relief office (Ocha) in Geneva.

Some towns would look like from the air, as if they had been of a Bulldozer destroyed. The people have lost their livelihood, including fishing boats and coconut trees. “We expect in the next few days more rain, so the Floods are likely to be worse roads destroy and also the humanitarian help to the challenge,” warned Herve Verhoosel, a spokesman for the world food programme (WFP). It has provided according to his information, since Saturday over 11,000 people with food.

+++ 12.55 PM: full-time employees work an average 41 hours per week +++

full-time employees in Germany work an average 41 hours per week. This number, the Federal Statistical office for the year 2018 was announced for labor day. Part-time workers brought it, therefore, to an average of 19 hours of work per week. Thus, the average working week was the Full – time and part-time workers taken together at 35 hours.

+++ 12.47 PM: Two million needy after Floods in Iran +++

Around two million people in Iran, after the worst Floods for more than 50 years of humanitarian assistance to rely. The world food programme (WFP) reported to the United Nations in Geneva. The Organisation will deliver in the next few days, 350 tons of humanitarian aid, a spokesman said.

+++ 12.46 PM: soldiers liberate Venezuela opposition leader López from house arrest +++

the soldiers freed long-imprisoned Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo López from house arrest. “The military have set me free, on the instructions of President Guaidó,” wrote López on Twitter. He was, together with the self-appointed interim President, Juan Guaido and soldiers at the air force La Carlota base.

The situation in the crisis-ridden and impoverished country in South America is, however, again unclear. The government speaks according to the news Agency AFP of an “attempted coup”. Media reports, however, of renewed street battles between security forces and the civilian population.

+++ 11.53 am: media: Berlusconi due to renal colic in the hospital +++

Italy’s former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is again in a hospital been treated. He had been investigated because of a renal colic, in Milan, in a clinic, reported Italian media, citing his party, Forza Italia. The 82-Year-old would perceive, nevertheless, for Tuesday, the scheduled date for the European election campaign.

Berlusconi, despite his age and health problems as a candidate for the European elections at the end of may. In June of 2016, the Milan multi-millionaire was to undergo heart surgery. This March, he underwent surgery because of a hernia operation.

+++ 11.27 PM: Hanover mayor Schostok occurs back +++

Hannover’s Lord mayor Stefan Schostok (SPD) occurs in consequence of an affair to the payment of employees. Because he will not receive for a further administration, the confidence that he would apply for his early retirement, gave Schostok is known. The prosecution had collected in the past week, a charge of aggravated trespass against Schostok. He should have known in salary and bonuses for top officials know, without having to stop these payments.


Stefan Schostok (SPD), Lord mayor city of Hannover, occurs in the office of his

©Christophe Gateau DPA +++ 10.48 PM: Netflix makes Thai-cave-drama series +++

The Drama about the rescue of a young soccer team from a Thai cave is filmed now from Netflix. The Director of the Hollywood success of “Rich Asians”, Jon Chu, makes it on behalf of the U.S. streaming service, a series, such as Netflix announced in Bangkok. The fate of the twelve boys and their Coach had moved in the past year, the world. On the first anniversary of her disappearance, a Thai Film comes out this summer already in the cinemas.

+++ 10.27 PM: new Zealand police will be in Christchurch Suspect +++

Due to a suspicious package, the police in Christchurch have arrested a 33-year-old man. In the new Zealand city it had been in March in a bloody attack on the mosque visitors. In the package of explosives and ammunition had been suspected, police said. It had been defused by experts. The alleged Background, the police did not.

In the case of a racially motivated attack in Christchurch on two mosques in mid-March were 50 people are killed and several dozen injured. As the alleged perpetrator, a 28-year-old right sits extremist from Australia in detention. Him to jail for life.

+++ 10.19 PM: Heavy rains in Quebec for the Floods +++

Heavy rains have taken care of in the canadian province of Quebec for Flooding. In the East of the country, entire regions, such as the water landscapes. Roads and fields were flooded, more than 1000 people had to leave their homes and brought to safety. At least one woman died when her car from the water mass has been entrained. Earlier, heavy rain had cases let the rivers burst their banks. Also affected were the canadian capital of Ottawa and the city of Montreal. The canadian government deployed areas, soldiers in the Flood. They would remain so for a long time, as it was necessary, said the canadian Minister of defense.

+++ 10.11 PM: Japan’s Emperor Akihito a full abdication ceremony +++

Japan’s Emperor Akihito pulls has officially abdicated. During a short ceremony, he declared his abdication. Formally Akihito to stay on until midnight Emperor. On Wednesday, the reign of the Tenno, like the Emperor in Japan is called over, officially at Akihito’s 59-year-old son Naruhito. In a short speech, the 85-year-old Akihito said he had exercised his 30-year rule with a “deep respect and love for the people”. “It was a great blessing.” He would like to thank the Japanese people “from the heart” that it had accepted him as a “Symbol of the state and supported,” said Akihito.

+++ 10.08 am: the number of unemployed drops in April to 2,229 million +++

The number of unemployed in Germany in April to 2,229 million decreased. The 72 000 fewer people were unemployed than in March and 155 000 less than a year ago, as the Federal Agency reported for work. The unemployment rate declined by 0.2 percentage points to 4.9 percent.

+++ 10.02 PM: Trump tightened up the asylum process in the U.S. +++

US President Donald Trump has tightened its asylum policy. As the White house said, told Trump the competent authorities to demand in the future, fees for asylum applications and to edit them within 180 days. Asylum seekers have to pay according to the will of the US President in the future, if a work permit.

migrants who had arrived in the country illegally or tried to receive temporary work permits until their Status is clarified. Migrants with a final Expulsion order to be revoked the work permit. Earlier, the US President had left out on Twitter about the “weak, ineffective and dangerous” immigration laws of the country.

+++ 9.57 PM: once Again, Canadians in China because of drug trafficking, sentenced to death +++

China has once again condemned a canadian drug stores to death. As a court in the southern Chinese city of Jiangmen (province) announced Guangdong, received the canadian Fan Wei, and a man named Wu Ziping, whose nationality was not mentioned, the death penalty. They were heads of a gang, the drug produced and sold. Overall, U.S. Americans and four Mexicans, the people had been convicted in the case, eleven people including.

+++ 9.13 PM: More measles cases in the United States: authority urges vaccinations to +++

in view of the increasing number of measles cases in the United States, the health authority, the CDC has called on the people of the most basic vaccinations. In particular, small children should be given the protection. From the beginning of the year to Friday, 704 measles cases in 22 out of a total of 50 of US had been registered by the Federal States, said Nancy Messonnier of the US health authority CDC. A further rise was expected, and perhaps had already come over the weekend, new cases. In the United States, the number of measles diseases is currently at its highest level since the disease was declared in the year 2000, there for is defeated.

the Latter managed Germany never. So far, Germany has this year, almost half as many measles cases as the United States – a quarter of the population. The measles Figures vary from year to year.

+++ 8.03 PM: Australian police find explosives in the apartment +++

The Australian police discovered on Monday evening in an apartment in the vicinity of the city of Adelaide explosives. A 43-year-old man was arrested in this connection and before a judge, the police announced. Special forces were on the ground and would make the explosives harmless. A danger to the Public existed. According to a report on the ABC, the 43 was noticed-Year-old to the authorities because of Islamophobic Statements in the social networks. The in the apartment and found explosive-type will also be used by jihadists or other extremist groups, reported local media.

+++ 7.20 PM: photo of the dead footballer Sala in the network: Two fixed +++

took Two people in Britain to have a photo of the fatally injured Argentinian footballer Emiliano Sala in the morgue unlawfully and online procured. The police in Wiltshire in the southwest of England took a 48-year-old woman and a 62-year – the old man temporarily.

the photo shows the information according to the in January in a plane crash lost their lives 28-year-old player from Cardiff City after the autopsy. It was reported in February on Twitter, and “multiple-Scoial-Media-sites”.

+++ 7.18 PM: Ex-US Diplomat confirmed payment commitment to North Korea for release of Student +++

A former U.S. Diplomat has confirmed that the United States had offered to North Korea for the release of the imprisoned students, Otto warm beer two million dollars. Joseph Yun told CNN that he had flown in 2017, according to Pyongyang, warm beer get one free. In the North Korean capital, he was then presented with a bill for the medical treatment of the 22-Year-old in the amount of two million dollars.

He had turned to the then US foreign Minister, Rex Tillerson, in order to get the green light, said Yun. He assume that the Minister of foreign Affairs have teamed up with President Donald Trump short. Tillerson was reported quickly back to him and said: “Yes, go ahead and sign.” He was of the opinion that the United States comply with the commitment and the money would have to pay, stressed Yun on CNN.

Sentenced American Student

North Korea wanted to cost two million dollars in “treatment” for a coma patient, warm beer

The American Student, Otto warm beer returned in a coma, lying from North Korea – probably he was tortured. At the time of its Handover to representatives of the dictatorship is to have two million dollars from the US special envoy calls for “cost of treatment”.

+++ 6.54 PM: Three Dead in helicopter crash in Hawaii-island +++

Three people died in the crash of an air tour helicopter on the Hawaiian island of Oahu lost their lives. The fire brigade have confirmed this, reported local station KITV. On the identity of the victim nothing was known. The helicopter crashed in a residential area in the city of Kailua. Television footage showed the burning wreckage on a road. On the ground, no one had been hurt, it said. Eye witnesses reported of a loud Bang and smoke in the air before the helicopter crashed on the street. The cause of the crash was not immediately known.

+++ 5.13 PM: Italy takes 147 refugees from Libya +++

Italy has taken 147 refugees from the Libyan coastal city of Misrata. The refugees were flown to a military base near Rome. According to the Italian interior Ministry, the majority of refugees from Eritrea and Somalia come also from Syria, Ethiopia, and Sudan. Accordingly, 68 minors were in the group.

UN high Commissioner for refugees Filippo Grandi called on other States to follow the Italian example and refugees in the North African crisis state festsäßen. With a view to the new battles in Libya, he warned, many of the refugees, a “tragic” fate of the threat.

+++ 4.43 PM: Samsung with a significant decline in profit +++

Weaker business with memory chips and Displays, the technology giant Samsung in the first quarter of 2019, a significant decline in profits. The Surplus was gone in the year, compared to 57 percent to 5.04 trillion Won (3.8 billion euros), said the South Korean company. The leading provider of Smartphones, memory chips and televisions, confirmed its earlier profit warning. With semiconductors, the group earned the most money. In the business with Displays and Smartphones it has to do Samsung, in turn, with growing competition from China. Sales fell in the first quarter by 13.5 percent to 52.4 trillion Won.

Galaxy Fold

breakdowns over breakdowns: So, Samsung missed its most important product in years

With the Galaxy Fold want to back up Samsung in the market of the future. Now the most important product has been postponed for years for an indefinite period of time. But Samsung’s Problem is much bigger.

By Malte Mansholt +++ 3.27 PM: report: number of children in foster care on highest level +++

In Germany, a media report says that so many children in foster families like never before. The number of children, accommodated for full-time care in foster families has increased from approximately 60,000 in 2008 to more than 81,000 in the year 2017, writes the “world,” citing a reply from the government on a Left-request. Nearly 100,000 more children and young people were accommodated in 2017 in home education.

+++ 2.58 PM: Serbia and Kosovo are committed in the Western Balkans meet to dialogue +++

in The Western Balkans have known of Serbia and Kosovo, according to information from the Federal government to a dialogue meeting in Berlin. The Federal press service said on Monday evening after the conference, Serbia and Kosovo had agreed, “in their efforts to implementation of existing agreements”. Both sides wanted to get involved with the mediation of the EU’s “constructive dialogue for the normalisation of relations” to reach a “comprehensive and final agreement”.

+++ 2.23 PM: No Buried according to hall, no fall in Luckenwalde found +++

After the collapse of a hall roof in Luckenwalde, near Berlin, rescuers have not found the Victim. “We wanted to be sure and have searched several times. Now we have completed the search,” said a spokesman for the fire brigade in the night to Tuesday. The roof of the industrial ruin was collapsed on Monday evening with a Bang. Residents were briefly heard, before the voices of children, it said. Subsequently, the police and the fire brigade went in there with a larger array. A drone with a thermal imaging camera, circled above the ruins. Search dogs were snuffling the debris in the evening hours.

+++ 1.12 PM: the United States pledge to the Emergence of Baghdadi-Video-victory over the IS +++

The United States have pointed to the proliferation of the first Videos with IS chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi for the past five years, the jihadists militia of the Islamic state is of a lasting defeat. A spokesman for the U.S. state Department said that “terrorists” would be defeated. Each leader of the militia, the still life, will be held responsible.

Even if al-Baghdadi was still alive: The IS have suffered with its territorial defeat in Iraq and in Syria as a “devastating strategic and psychological blow,” said the spokesman. His so-called Caliphate has collapsed. Currently, the U.S. still check the authenticity of al-Baghdadi-Videos, published on Monday by the IS. The US has announced a bounty of $ 25 million to the IS-leader, the 2014, the “Caliphate” of the Islamic state ausgerufen had.

sign of life of the Top-terrorists

IS-leader Al-Baghdadi for the first time, after five years of in-Propaganda-Video

IS-chief Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi is one of the most wanted terrorists in the world. After the military victory over the terrorist militia is a mystery where he is. Now he gives a sign of life.

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