The Israeli air force has bombed in the night of Monday, numerous Iranian targets in the neighboring country Syria.

It was the worst attack of Israel in Syria, reported the Israeli TV in the Morning. He was to be a response to an attack by the Iranian Al-Quds brigades with a rocket on the Israeli-occupied Golan heights.

The Israeli armed forces stated it goals of the Al-Quds-brigades and the Syrian army attacked. Including several weapons caches and a facility at the international airport of Damascus, a target of the Iranian intelligence service and an Iranian training camp. The Al-Quds-brigades garden of Aden, the elite unit of the Iranian revolution, and are mainly used abroad.

On Sunday, the Israeli missile defense had a missile intercepted, the should have fired the Al-Quds brigades on the Golan. Israeli visitors to the ski resort Hermon were witnesses to the incident. On Monday, the unit should remain in view of the tense situation closed. Earlier, Israeli fighter jets had fired multiple rockets at the airport of Damascus, but the Syrian defence intercepted.

According to state-run Syrian news Agency Sana that the air defense was in the Monday night active. The Israeli armed forces said that Syria had “despite clear warnings, such a fire,” dozens of anti-aircraft missiles fired. As a response, Israel’s air force attacked several defense batteries to the Syrian armed forces.

Israel have been attacking for years, institutions of Iran, and the allies, the Lebanese Shiite militia Hezbollah in Syria. Earlier, Israel had to weigh is usually to own attacks and reports of it has not been confirmed. It was stressed that Israel will not tolerate a permanent Iranian military presence in Syria. Is Iran in addition to Russia, the closest ally of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in the past seven years of ongoing war in Syria.

intelligence Minister Israel Katz told the Israeli television on Monday, the new open attitude strength of Israel’s deterrence. “Those who profess, says: I’m here,” said Katz. The message was clear: if you shoot rockets at Israel, “will have to pay the full price”.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had said on Sunday during a visit to Chad: “We have a permanent policy with attacks against the Iranian establishment in Syria and to attack anyone who want to us harm.”