Before the runoff presidential elections in Ukraine have the two candidates in a heated debate in front of Thousands of people in the Olympic stadium in Kiev.

incumbent, Petro Poroshenko, and the comedian Volodymyr Selenskyj gifts on the stage in the Arena with 70,000 seats first the hands. They went but prompt to the sharp attacks on each other.

Selenskyj said at the start that he had chosen five years ago Poroshenko as a beacon of hope. “It was a mistake,” said the favorite before the vote this Sunday (21. April). The crisis-torn Ex-Soviet Republic, is today the poorest country in “the richest President”. Poroshenko, who appeared self-assured and with a Smile, dismissed allegations of corruption.

The incumbent warned of the danger that Russia might obtain with his President Vladimir Putin’s control over Ukraine. “Today, we face external challenges that require the President’s courage, strength, international experience,” he said. Poroshenko described his Challenger as unable to defeat the Russian Aggressor. While Poroshenko spoke only Ukrainian, moved Selenskyj temporarily into Russian.

The 41-year-old Selenskyj stressed that he had made, in contrast to Poroshenko with Putin. He accused the head of state, the war in the East of Ukraine, unlike five years ago, promised to have finished. “I’m not your Opponent, I’m your judgment,” said Selenskyj. He would only reign for a term of office and ensure that the corrupt power elite get out of. Several TV stations carried the debate – also in Russia.