A record-breaking heat wave to come to Germany. According to the latest forecasts of the German weather service (DWD) could already be on Wednesday in the Saarland and in the Moselle valley in temperatures of 40 degrees is reached. On Thursday, according to forecasts, is probably the hottest day of the week, be according to current calculations, in the Ruhr area, in the region of Cologne, the Mosel and the Saar, even 41 degree possible, said DWD spokesman Andreas Friedrich. In the Rhine-Main-area stationary heat records are expected to 40 degrees is also possible. The historical heat record of 40.3 degrees in Kitzingen could possibly wiggle. “If these predictions would take this heat wave in the history books,” said Friedrich. “This is something I have not seen as a meteorologist yet.” He feared: “The heat load will be extreme”.

German weather service

High – “Yvonne” brings back the heat in these regions, it will be up to 39 degrees

At the announcement of a heat wave, the municipal Offices in Darmstadt, Germany, will respond on Wednesday with revised opening Hours Instead of starting at 8 or 8.30 am, switch, and offices are open as early as 7 a.m. for the citizens. In return, employees get free from 13 hours of heat. This is due to the forecasted heat of almost 40 degrees, said mayor Jochen Partsch.

heat wave: view live, where the sun is burning hot

you Want to know where in Germany the temperatures are the highest? Below for a Live map shows it. For a prediction of the coming days, you click on the “Play”Button:

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tips: So you healthy through the heat wave

sunburn, Heat exhaustion, heat rash or heat collapse – a hot summer fraught with all the benefits of many risks. The elderly and infants and small children are particularly vulnerable.

The new brochure “climate change and health,” explains the risks and tips for dealing with heat. Among other things, it States: “lack of fluid, an exacerbation of existing underlying diseases, heat cramps, and sunstroke and heat stroke can result. Serious warning signs of the body, circulatory problems, muscle cramps in the arms and legs, abdominal cramps, headache, dizziness, Nausea, vomiting, increased pulse, a feeling of exhaustion or agitation, confusion, and dry mouth are:.”

Some rules of thumb for a carefree summer you can find below.
The complete brochure can be downloaded here.

drink a Lot on hot days. A particularly suitable material containing beverages, such as water or tea are the mineral. Alcohol should be avoided.Pay particular attention to older persons and children who are affected by the heat especially. You need targeted attention.Sport on hot days, better in the early Morning or later Afternoon and evening hours. Avoid during the heat of the day strong physical efforts.Make sure you have an adequate level of protection against ultra-violet radiation. The best sun protection is suitable clothing, hat and sunglasses. Skin, which is not covered with clothing, it must be well with the sunscreen rubbed in. the read also on the topic of heat

So help your pet through the hot days

With these Tricks, it remains in the apartment pleasantly cool.

the heat in the office, endure: These ten tips for cooling down in the workplace

Therefore, there is the old heat-free almost

sources: DWD, Windy.com

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