A heat wave has Australia firmly in its grip. Since Christmas prevail Down Under temperatures of over 40 degrees Celsius. Not only the people squeaked under these conditions, but also animals, including the flying foxes. With fatal consequences. As the ABC reported, warn the authorities to the fact that the stressed animals Bite or scratch can perpetrate attacks on people.

These are symptoms typical of stress, experts explain in the Australian media. The bat-kind of tends at high temperatures to gather in a rule, the right grapes in the trees. Confused some of the animals fell down and caught in power lines. People had been attacked while trying to help. Under the extreme temperatures, the flying foxes are dying in large numbers on the ground.

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experts warn against the Lyssa-Virus

to helping Place animals in Need, should you be called dear experts, reported ABC. Dangerous is not the attacks themselves, but the Lyssa-Virus that could be transferred for people. The pathogen is the rabies-like and life is for the human threat, warns the physician David Durrheim in the channel ABC. “We can’t treat the Virus after infection effectively, almost everyone dies of it.” In two animals of the Lyssa had been detected-Virus already.

United States

death due to rabies: six-year-old dies after bat scratch

Alone in the past two weeks, it got to the North of the metropolis of Sydney of seven attacks of fruit bats. This is more than ever before in such a short period of time, announced by the health authorities. For years, the stocks of flying foxes to grow, particularly in proximity to urban areas, noted a Committee.

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