Kirstjen Nielsen has brought the art piece, ready to defend a policy, which it officially does not exist. As last year, it became known that U.S. border officials is a large scale refugee children from their parents, right to the top border activist justified the action by reference to a law of the previous government under Barack Obama. In fact, there was a corresponding template, but first Donald Trump, the international was applied in a highly controversial idea. Now homeland security Secretary, has resigned “Heartless” back and to the border with Mexico, it should go in the future rabid.

Nielsen: hard but unable to

the main reason for Nielsen’s resignation (it is unclear whether they had gone voluntarily or by the US President was dismissed) does not seem to be that she was a Trump hard enough, you will be like him, therefore, no longer in disgrace. Many US media attest to her in terms of border policy hard-heartedness and the simultaneous inability. The illegal border crossings from Mexico have attracted in their term of office, after years of decline. According to the New York Times have Trump Nielsen’s given the blame. Most recently, he was even threatened with the closure of the Crossings to the southern neighbour, although the economic consequences would be disastrous.

Trump, however, has to promise that illegal immigration at the border with the help of a wall to prevent what has not succeeded so far. CBS News reported that Nielsen’s departure was part of a major staff restructuring in the border security competent Department of homeland security, going back to Trumps Advisor Stephen Miller. Miller is a hard-liner on immigration policy and is considered to be one of the architects of trump’s course. To set it up for the First of Nielsen’s acting successor, Kevin McAleenan, previously Chairman of the customs and border protection CBP.

How much worse immigration policy?

“The heritage of Kirstjen Nielsen is the most heart and the law of adverse immigration policy of the past 70 years. But for Trump, she was not heartless and against the law enough. It is hard to imagine how much worse it can be. Stephen Miller has spent the Sunday, presumably in order to write in a relaxed mood lists: thermal cover out, replace it with the sand paper towels from the Soviet time”, etches the “Daily Beast”.

their transitional successors McAleenan is actually, as a liberal, integrity and non-partisan recognised Border. The 47-Year-old was appointed under Ex-President Obama to the position of Vice chief of the authority, and until last year, with a large majority in the U.S. Senate to the top professions. Why is Donald Trump, who really wants a tough dog as the head of the homeland security Ministry, is, of all things, came to McAleenan, can explain so far, no one.

Perhaps it has to do with his obvious loyalty to. Although the practice of separating children from their parents, not only for humanitarian reasons, was extremely controversial, and in addition, no law had basis, McAleenan, the Order from the White house without a public murmur of criticism, he dodged. Self-withdrawal were calling a few months ago, according to than two children from Guatemala in CBP custody had died. Maybe the personnel McAleenan is only a stopgap, because Homeland Security is doing currently is completely headless. Its a year, there will be no Deputy chief.

What is Donald trump’s Advisor is planning?

In the Background seems to Trump and his Advisor, Stephen Miller, is a proper shift to the right in the border security prepare. “There’s something Big under the leadership of Miller in progress,” said an employee anonymously to the US-side of “Politico”. “You have failed before the courts and before Congress, and now they eat each other.” Miller, who is also trump’s speech writer, is supposed to be for the two more moderate leaders. So had been fired on the Insistence of the chief of the citizenship and immigration authority, and the nomination of Nielsen’s candidates for the police authority, ICE has been withdrawn. “He actively seeks to install people who hold different views than the current leadership staff in the authorities. He wants to clean up basically,” said a former Homeland-Security-employees to “Politico”.

sources: “the New York Times,” “Washington Post”, “Politico”, “The Daily Beast”, CBS News.

+++ Trump-Ticker +++

Mexican border

Trump: “Our country is full. So in order to make returns, so it is now time”

Donald Trump has turned to the Mexican border to future migrants, and to the UMekhr asked. The country is full, you can’t take any more, the US President.


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