health-cost Apps on Cash, and lighter about Video consultations, less paperwork in the practices: New digital offerings should be use according to the plans of the Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn soon on a broad Front for patients.

The CDU politician brought in a draft on the way, and to commit the actors of the health system to follow suit. Of the statutory funds of support, Opposition, criticism came.

“The Patient of tomorrow will still need a doctor,” said Spahn in Berlin. “But he will not take a doctor more seriously, working only on index cards.” All are called, therefore, the digital change to shape, instead of suffering him only to be open to change. There is already massive investment from international digital companies. It is important, however, to ensure local Standards for data protection.

With a “digitisation of the law” wants to make Spahn now more Tempo for offers tangible Benefits to promise. A destination brand is the already-written introduction of a voluntary E-patient records no later than 2021, after the tug of war had become an additional functions for the electronic health card something like “of the Berlin airport of the health care system”. Specifically, it is in the plans, according to data from the Ministry of circling around several blocks:

HEALTH APPS: Certain health Apps for mobile phones to get patients in the future of the statutory health insurance (GKV) paid – if your doctor will write you the prescription. It is, for example, to applications that help regular Taking of medicines, digital diaries for diabetics or Apps for people with high blood pressure. For a rapid approval of the Federal Institute for drugs and medical should be regulated products (BfArM), which is also to check the quality and privacy Offered.

TELEMEDICINE: a year Ago, the medical Profession had opened the legal profession more for long distance treatments via digital technology. Soon, patients will now also easier for practices to find the video intercom to offer hours. About Doctors should be able to in the future inform on your website. Consent and patient education should also be in the frame of the video consultation possible, and not just in person or in writing.

E-patient file: Digital files should not only be offered but also with content loaded. This will now be a corresponding claim of the patient is anchored. Doctors in practices and clinics to get paid, when you set about any treatment or blood values. Depending on the request, Impfausweise, mother, passes, yellow U-folders for preventive examinations of children, or Tooth-bonus folders stored digitally. In order for Doctors to send more findings electronically, there has to be a higher compensation from the Fund and the Fax significantly less money.

information highway: A nerve point in the digitization is the creation of a comprehensive data highway to connect all the actors with special safety precautions. But the project stalled for some time. To get more penetration, took over the Ministry now 51 percent of the assigned Gematik-Gesellschaft, which was previously worn by health actors. Still, all practices are not using special equipment connected to it. By the end of June it should be up to 110,000 of a total of 176,000 practices of Physicians and dentists, said in Ministry circles. It is already clear that “”Offliners “” 1. July a fee reduction of one per cent threatens. As of March 2020 it will be 2.5 percent reduction.

In force, the new provisions should enter, if possible, to the turn of the year. Of the funds, the praise came. “We are pleased that the health insurance companies get in the Expansion of their digital offerings back wind”, it was called by the Shi head Association. From the point of view of the cash-medical Federal Union may be Apps in the supply. It cannot but be that every doctor dealing with a flood of different offers and just need to know which Fund to reimburse what. The Greens accused Spahn, there is a comprehensive strategy and patient involvement were missing. To ensure that all Apps, data and privacy protection guaranteed.