Federal Minister of labour, Hubertus Heil has presented a concept for the of the Grand coalition agreed on the basic pension. This will be increased to three to four million former low-wage earners, the pension by up to 447 euros a month, said the salvation of the “picture on Sunday”.

“a great many people who have worked all their lives and land because of their low wages as retirees in the basic protection. I want to change that,” said the SPD politician of the newspaper. “Someone who has worked for decades hard, has the right to get significantly more than someone who has not worked. This is a question of respect for life performance.”

Union and SPD had agreed in its coalition contract, that the new basic pension is to guarantee a retirement income ten percent above the basic security needs. You can get to all of those who have 35 years of contribution payment, children’s education or care activity.

healing said that he expected annual cost in the amount of a mid-single-digit billion amount. “My goal is that we Finance the from tax funds.”

According to salvation data examines the pension system in the future, every Insured automatically, whether or not he is entitled to a basic pension. The newspaper is divided according to a report in the sum of collected pension points in the years of Insurance. An Insured person in the year, the average comes to less than 0.8 points, he will be counted automatically. A means test will not give it that stressed healing.

“Whoever earns only minimum wage, gets the highest appreciation of 447 euros. But also the pensions of low-wage earners, which is slightly above the minimum wage, we want to rate higher,” the Minister said the “Bild am Sonntag”. He announced: “The basic pension shall, not later than 1. January 2021 to come into force and three to four million people.” You will not only apply to New pensioners, but also for the existing pensioners. We will be able to make the live performance, there is no difference.” Would 75 percent of women will benefit from the new basic pension.