If there is no shortage in the US-and Democrats are on to something, then a candidate for the next presidential election. 23 candidates fighting in the duel with the incumbent, now Steyer number 24 to billionaire and New York, such as Donald Trump joins with Tom. That was it, but it is also almost even with the similarities, because the 62-year-old presidential candidate-Neuaspirant is not in all but in many respects the opposite of the US President and his public aversion to Trump a lot of money cost: $ 100 million, to be exact.

Donald Trump – “the danger for the American people”

This sum Steyer spent last year, for a variety of political activities, including his campaign for the impeachment Trumps. “Need to Impeach” (about “time for a dismissal”) has been running since the end of 2017 and is a massive advertising and mobilization campaign against the US President. Steyer called Trump an “acute danger to the American people”. This is the view of most of his opponents are probably in the democratic party, but only nine of the two dozen candidates are openly calling the so-called Impeachment. In the past, Steyer appeared angered that the leadership of the Democrats shy away from the impeachment proceedings.