The corpse of John Dillinger, the first man in the United States the title of public enemy No. 1, is to be exhumed. On 3. July has been approved by the competent health authority of the state of Indiana, a corresponding request, such as multiple US media reports. Applicant Dillingers nephew Michael Thompson was.

On the basis of the approval, it is expected that Dillingers body on 16. September, from his grave at the Crown Hill cemetery in Indianapolis brought in and there will be buried, said a spokeswoman for the authority of the U.S. magazine “Time”. The date is listed on the document.

Is not John Dillinger even in the grave?

is Not specified there, according to the Reports, a statement of the reasons for Thompson’s request. Requests for a statement have not answered the nephew of the notorious criminal. A spokesman for the pay channel History Channel confirmed the US newspaper “IndyStar”, however, that the exhumation is to be part of a documentary about Dillinger. The historian Susan Sutton suspected, according to the U.S. channel CNN that Dillingers is to prepare the exhumation of a corpse conspiracy of monetary theories to an end, that the grave is not the corpse of the Criminal deck.

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The tomb opening could, however, prove extremely difficult. Dillingers father made the coffin of his son, according to the Reports, under a two and a half tons of heavy protection cap made of steel, concrete slabs and old iron buried, because he feared that the corpse might be stolen. “I think you will have a hard time coming through there,” said Sutton, the “Time”magazine. “The Dillingers had even been money offered, in order to give his body for the exhibitions ” so you were worried.”

For many, was Dillinger a folk hero

John Herbert Dillinger was one of the most notorious criminals in the United States. According to the Federal police, the FBI and his gang killed at least ten people, as it committed from 1933 to 1934, a bloody series of Bank robberies in the Midwest. Many of the world’s economic crisis-stricken Americans regarded the man from Indianapolis as a folk hero because he robbed the then-hated banks. A legend he was, because he several times from prisons escaped with a wooden gun, which he had colored with Shoe Polish black. “For some people, he was also very polite, even while he is steel,” said Sutton. “It is a strange combination.”

Dillinger died on July 22. In July 1934, his 31. Birthday. The Romanian prostitute, Anna Sage, had betrayed him to the FBI and US $ 10,000 and a permanent naturalisation demands. When he left a cinema in Chicago, in which he is the Gangster movie “Manhattan Melodrama” had seen, he was shot by FBI agents while trying to draw his gun. Sage received for their treachery only $ 5000 and was deported in 1936 to Romania.

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