Terribly thin he had been, dirty and with matted fur – in this state, Ivy Diep met for the first Time on the small dog Popeye. In the streets of Los Angeles, the emaciated stray dog ran after her. And Ivy, which already had several dogs at home, melted at the sight of him. They took him, and gave him a new home. The story could already be over, and you would be a beautiful story. But Popeye was determined to be more.

The little dog made a great career

“When we have taken him in, he was shy when it came to food and Snacks,” says Popeyes new owner of the Website “Buzzfeed”. “He didn’t know what to do with a dog toy and played only in Sleeves with our Pullover. In the meantime, he is more relaxed when it comes to treats and plays with toys.” What is the small dog has experienced before he met Ivy, we can only imagine.

His restraint in matters of food made him the perfect companion for Ivy, who met regularly with her good friend Jen to the so-called “Instagram-Dates” in the cafes and Restaurants of Los Angeles, there schnackte and schlemmte and photos of delicious dishes posted. Popeye was not behaving there, dazzling, begged and was always going to be with Ivy traveling and time with her spend.

And the former strays, thanks to loving care, good nutrition and a visit to the dog hairdresser, in the meantime, a real eye-catcher, made to photos. Especially since his owner Outfits is sometimes like cute dogs. And so, Popeye the companion was to be a Model and now has his own Instagram Account: “Popeye, the Foodie Dog”.

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“Where’s my newspaper?” @pcpdtla . . . . #popeyethefoodie #pcpdtla #rowdtla #Professor Popeye

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How about some Thai style fried chicken and waffle at @metheratabar in LA? 😋

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dog and food is the same Instagram-Sensation

Ivy says: “I think there are a lot of popular dogs or Food Accounts on Instagram, but the combination of both makes it a bit more interesting.” She’s right – because Popeye around 358.000 subscribers in the meantime. Of course, he doesn’t eat but all the delights with which he’s posing – which are reserved for his human companions. He gets but often samples of the dishes that are suitable for dogs. Loved the little Ex-stray Chicken Wings like.