Christmas is also the time in which one is at home, and after the Celebration with the family maybe a few friends. On a couple of Beers or whatever. A 23-Year-old from the Austrian district of Gmunden is divided with a Known – well on the way back to the house around 6 o’clock in the morning a Taxi. They drove from Vöcklabruck to Attnang-Puchheim. So far, So unremarkable. But, unfortunately, ran then something is wrong.

The man is said to have asked the police, according to the taxi driver to stop. He wanted to pee. So the driver stopped at a forest area. This actually more as a short imaginary break, the man did not return, however.

Austria: at 9.20 the clarification of the call

His companion hit, after some time, Alarm, and what followed was an hour-long search operation.


14-Year-old wants to play “Santa Claus” and remains in a fireplace insert

First of all, several police patrols were looking for the Missing. Later 14 sniffer dogs, a helicopter and 30 members of the police and fire brigade were involved. After a total of almost four hours, the Austrian media reported that at 9.20 am and reported the 23-Year-old from a place in the vicinity of the original Taxi-stops. He was to pick up in Regau. He was lost in the forest, the Taxi is not found. And, after all, He was unharmed.

sources: “DPA”, “”

feh / DPA

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