In the North of the US state of Colorado has been attacked a Jogger by a wild Puma, but, by he strangled the cat. The competent authority informed for Parks and wildlife.

The athlete reported that he heard while walking along a Hiking trail in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, a noise from behind. As he turned, was the attack of the Pumas. The animal had bitten him in the Arm and face. Injured, he had delivered a fight with the Predator, in the course of which he strangled the Puma with his bare hands.

Puma was younger than a year,

The victim of the attack was able to save himself in hospital with serious injuries, hovered but not in life danger, so the wildlife authority. He is currently recovering, and do not want to speak publicly about the incident.

staff discovered a little later, the dead cat. It was a less than a year old Hatchling.

Mark Leslie, a spokesman for the authority said: “The runner did everything to save his life. In the event of a predator attack you must do everything in their Power to defend themselves, just like this gentleman.”

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According to the Puma attack, the authority closed the trail temporarily, after re-Opening, the Rangers have increased their patrols in the area. In addition, we have published information of possible attacks by big cats (including the escape of the animal permit, move slowly, quietly persuade, not the back, to turn, to look bigger, items, throw, fight).

In the past 100 years have died according to the Wildlife Agency, less than 20 people in North America, due to Puma attacks. The animals usually people try to avoid, however, Park called on visitors to be vigilant.

sources: Colorado Parks & Wildlife, BBC,