At the London underground station in Knightsbridge was on Thursday afternoon, a big stack of Newspapers with the photo of an old man on the title page. The man had a long white beard. It was windy-blown this afternoon, the title of the “Evening Standard”, and you had to look carefully and better still, the headline read, to understand. Really? Really.

The old man with the long white Beard, is actually still a relatively young man. Julian Assange, 47, this Morning by the police from the Ecuadorian Embassy around the corner from the underground to Knightsbridge and then in a court building after Westminster spent.

It’s disturbing images were drawn, as he, the founder of WikiLeaks from the Embassy, in which he was seven years ago, fled. At the time, disguised as a motorcycle courier, it is the football Europe championship in Poland and Ukraine.


Julian Assange shortly after his arrival in the Ecuadorian Embassy in 2012 (l.) and after his arrest on Thursday.

©Jack Taylor / Kerim Octene / DPA

Seven years, you can see him, are a hell of a long time. In these seven years, a black and then a Mandarin-colored President in the White house ruled. Seven years ago, it’s not, and Brexit the AfD yet. Seven years ago Borussia Dortmund was the last German champion. As a supporter of this Association, I know how long seven years. Assange has become in this time in his chamber, an old, pale, and bitter man. He came on the motorcycle and went as Gandalf.

Three-Assange-Fans in front of the message

in Front of the Embassy very many TV crews were from all over the world and only a few scattered admirers of Assange. Three protesters were waiting in front of the beautiful brick building, under the balcony, from which Assange a couple of Times his congregation had. They waited for that they would be, but they were not. Dragoslav from Serbia, Pierre from France and Jon from Sicily, who was wearing a “Game of Thrones”-jacket and a screwdriver on the belt. He called himself “Jon the builder”. The three men met here for the first Time. They were sad, the Disciples of the first hour. Dragoslav had in the morning had watched as Assange was pushed into the police car, as he’s called, it’s done wrong. “He looked pale,” said Dragoslav, “I took pity on him”. And maybe it was good for, that it was with the nightmare now over. He can only hope that the Americans Julian would not torture. Jon the Builder said he would lend Assange the Nobel prize, if he could. Pierre said nothing except his name.

Wikileaks founder in custody

Assange is in the Embassy, detained US throw him conspiracy


I can understand that there are people that Assange, like and adore. To me they are basically closer to you than, say, Meghan-Markle-Fans or Bayern Munich. He was a great and important whistleblowers, the WikiLeaks documents, at the time, a revelation for the whole world. However, I also know people who know Assange really and even really good. The were worked together with him and a close friend and not more. The say he lost the grip and was a through and through narcissist. And did not dismiss the rape allegations of two women from Sweden as a conspiracy of secret services and no pity with him and his 20-square-live in London.

The thing with the emails of Hillary Clinton

Julian Assange has always been a whimsical, over the years, but it was still wonderful. He helped the Donald Trump campaign, with leaked emails from Hillary Clinton. He received the British right-wing populist Nigel Farage. He also received Lady Gaga, Pamela Anderson, Vivienne Westwood and former professional football player Eric Cantona. Once he was a friend and colleague of mine. They drank two bottles of red wine in his room, it smelled terrible, and Assange spoke about his favorite subject: himself. My colleague was glad that he was three hours out of it. Julian Assange remained for three years.

arrest after a year-long asylum

Why the US is behind Julian Assange – the Hacker of many faces


His mother in Australia declared again and again that her Boy was sick and the fresh air belong to the sun. At some point in any case, ecuadoreans and Assange began to go each other terribly on the nerves. It was like a dispute among neighbors that starts with a little thing, and then escalated. Assange back, spied his host and the spy. Towards the end of the Ecuadorians called him not by name, but only “The Guest”. Day before his arrest, WikiLeaks held a press conference. The chief Kristinn Hrafnsson said, him compromising is Video-Material has been offered, taken with cameras from the Embassy. The extortionists had demanded three million euros. He also said that his friend Julian live a life like the real Version of the Truman Show.

Not 24 hours later, Julian Assange was arrested. The Americans want it to be delivered. Him to five years in prison. Unless his new friend Trump will turn on. From Sweden, the lawyer of one of the women he was supposed to have raped reported. You want to fight for the resumption of the investigation.

The lawyer said her client had been waiting for this day for a long time. Longer than Assange in the Embassy lived. For the past nine years.

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