“The legislature finds that the cigarette is considered tödlichstes artifact in the history of mankind.” With these words, the draft law for the US state of Hawaii begins. The group of Islands in the Central Pacific has the most stringent Anti-Smoking laws in the entire United States. But you still want more: The new bill provides for a complete cigarette prohibition in the German Federal state for all people under 100 years. Because: “The legislature finds that Smoking in the 20th century. Century killed 100 million people and is expected to be a billion people in the 21st century. Century will kill you.”

No cigarette sales to under 100-Year-old

Thus, the age permitted to purchase cigarettes is to be raised in Hawaii, piece by piece, until, in 2024, only 100-Year-old cigarettes are allowed to buy. Currently, the sale to under 21 is prohibited-Year-old. The age should be raised in the next year to 30, then in the next year to 40, and so on. Behind the draft law to the deputies, Richard Creagan, a doctor in an emergency room, how the American news channel “CNN” reported. The newspaper “Hawaii Tribune-Herald” he said: “basically, we have a group of strong, Dependent, enslaved, in my opinion, a ridiculously bad industry that has enslaved them with the invention of a highly addictive cigarette, and in the Knowledge that it is absolutely fatal.”

tourists can cigarettes continue to fly

Since the law exclusively to the sale within the state, the impact would, could, tourists, the island group visit, continue cigarettes to fly in. In addition, the age restriction will not apply to E-cigarettes, cigars, or chewing tobacco. The law will be discussed in ban’s design for the complete Cigarette in this week for the first Time in the Parliament.

sources: “CNN” / “capitol.hawaii.gov”


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