US President Donald Trump has made during his troop visit to Iraq, apparently unintentionally, the deployed location of a team of U.S. special forces unit Navy Seals publicly. Trump has published on Twitter a Video that shows him, as he poses with U.S. soldiers, shakes hands and sign autographs. In one scene, he stretches to the side of the soldiers, which is, apparently, special forces, the thumb in the height.

All the soldiers to see clearly,

According to the minutes of the troop’s visit was a man named Kyu Lee, President of the United States in a dining room at the air force base, al Asad said that he was the chaplain of Navy Seal Team 5. According to Lee’s statement, Trump replied: “Hey, if this is so, let us take a photo.” Typically, the location of the special forces of the US-army a secret. If your members on photos or films are to be seen from areas of operation, their faces and other characteristics that could be identified, defaced.

Trump has to admit, as President far-reaching powers, secret information for the Public. With his Video he is not likely to have violated the official rules. Observers criticize still Trumps Video are hazardous to operations, the safety of your Arms.

Trump defends Syria deduction

Malcolm Nance, a former intelligence specialist in the US army, told the magazine “Newsweek”, if the identity of special forces to the public, there is a danger that they are “imprisoned by a hostile government or terrorist group captured” would be taken. The U.S. command for special operations (Socom) did not comment on the request to the incident.

Trump was surprisingly arrived to brief troops in the Western Iraqi province of Anbar. There he conversed with American soldiers and defended his intention, and soon, the entire US contingent from the neighboring civil war in Syria to be deducted.


Christmas rounds

Donald Trump visited U.S. troops in Iraq and lying to the soldiers

Donald Trump and his wife Melania have surprised the US units in Iraq with a Christmas visit. The holiday did not deter the President, however, his soldiers lies.

By Marc Drewello nik / DPA

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