adults and children, the life of Hartz IV, have been struggling with major health problems, either as salaried workers.

this was the result of the as yet unpublished health report of the AOK Rheinland/Hamburg, the “Rheinische Post”. Accordingly, only 5.5 percent of Diabetes type 2 suffering about the workers, the recipients of unemployment benefit II as compared to 9.1 per cent. Similar to the distance in the constriction of the coronary, therefore, is vessels.

The Report teems, according to “Rhenish Post” examples of disparities in health among the social classes. So the children of workers have then to 78 percent in six years, a set of Teeth with no fillings. In the case of the children of Hartz IV recipients, there are only just under 68 percent. Considering only the children of voluntarily in the statutory health insurance Fund workers insured with an annual income of at least 60.750 Euro, this comes to just under 83 percent of the children whose Teeth has fillings up to the sixth birthday, the tooth.

From the Report also an urban-rural gap in health status of the citizens of the leaf, according to. In the major cities of the heart – and diabetes, obesity, and Hepatitis C were significantly more frequent than in the country. The chief of the AOK Rheinland/Hamburg, Günter Wältermann, told the newspaper: “Social differences, a higher proportion of migrants and a low supply level can influence the Health prospects significantly.”