15 pages are there to either “renew the promise in the functioning of the welfare state” (Juso-chief Kevin Kühnert) or the “burial of the social market economy” (CDU Vice Volker Bouffier) usher-and by the way, a SPD save.

On 15 pages of the party’s Board of Directors has written down how he wants it because with the working world of the future and how he wants to make the social systems fit: “A new social state for a new time”, the title of the paper. The core message both internally and externally: The SPD is Hartz IV.


on the left of the social Democrats

“to make The SPD fit for the (intended) coalition break”


But the reform proposals promise to actually restart for the welfare state? Or in the case of label fraud, quasi-Hartz 4.1? Here are a few euros more, there are a few penalties less? The SPD-the social state concept in the star-Check:

“the SPD citizens ‘money” instead of “Hartz IV”

The SPD Board of management is to achieve a fundamental change in the basic security. Instead of following the principle of “supporting and Demanding” to Promote, the welfare state concept in the foreground.

A building block: the new unemployment money Q (for qualification). All citizens should have the right to work, training, qualification, and make up a Vocational qualification, and with a financial support as long as necessary. The “Hartz IV”System has so far provided only two years.

It wants to break with the SPD Executive Board, literally from the “Hartz IV”System. No term is so closely associated with the decline of social democracy, as the colloquial term for the unemployment benefit II, The party of the therefore calls on “citizens ‘ money” – to distinguish the content from the previous unemployment benefit II/”Hartz IV”.

media report

Ex-SPD chief Gabriel doubts the Grand coalition and comments on Comeback speculation


so Far, the unemployment benefit II will be paid, as a rule, already twelve months after the beginning of unemployment. Usually a rough-cut fresh-Hartz IV-recipients: 424 Euro in the month a force can be to get along effort. This incision should (be avoided as much as possible for a long time), by the reference time of the preceding aligned> unemployment benefit I “more and more of the life-power”. Means: Whoever has more pays into the unemployment insurance, shall also refer to longer unemployment benefits. After 20 years of contribution period should be three months more, after 25 years, six months, and after 30 years, nine months. A maximum of the relation of unemployment benefit I should be three years before unemployment benefit II will be paid. Especially older unemployed people would benefit from the SPD model.

But also for the younger unemployed the SPD Board of management, the facilitation promises. Here to apply: less challenge . “Improper and unworthy sanctions to be abolished,” says the party’s Executive Committee. “A complete elimination of benefits will be.” Garnish the “citizens ‘ money” according to the will of the SPD-the Top other facilities : recipients of the social benefit to interfere for two years, neither you saved money, even in a smaller apartment. The SPD extra payments , for example, if the washing machine is suddenly broken. The earlier social assistance greetings.

And the social Democrats aim for a attitude change . Recipients of the “citizens ‘ money” no longer should feel as a supplicant, but with the authorities in a “partnership at eye level” comment: simplified procedures and forms, as well as better support by the Offices. “The citizens’ money is a social right of citizenship.”

Pro: Less anxiety, more Precautionary


Nahles schröder’s reform policy to shreds, Instead of Hartz IV, it should give citizens money


The SPD-concept thus provides the basic security in Germany, not on the head, on the contrary, many of the set screws of the “Hartz IV”system rotated. The unemployment benefit II gets a new name that not only sounds friendly, but is also not taken into account, that it is mere charity, but a power, belongs to each. In the center of the work no longer are conscientious objectors, but those people who want to come to the aid of the company.

With the “citizens ‘ money” can be taken from workers the fear of having to shortly after the loss of a job, a new apartment. By the new unemployment benefit Q in addition, the quick case 424 of the Euro, the month can be avoided. Who wants to make the effort and continue to make, can count on the support of the state.

cons: Not a complete renunciation of the “Hartz IV”

But even if the SPD should the concept be implemented, there will be people who fall ultimately through the Grid and continue to “Hartz IV”-level through life will have to fight – a complete departure from the previous System, the welfare state plan, the SPD is not therefore.

Thus, the poverty researcher Christoph Butterwegge sees it. In Germany the radio, he said, the SPD remained in your change of course “halfway”. “You must now take on any work in the case of Hartz IV, regardless of whether it is paid by a collective contract or local custom, or not to be” a scheme, which is part of abolished. “The hard core of Hartz IV, namely, the abolition of unemployment assistance in 2005 – so the standard of living of wage rate for the long-term unemployed (…) is not tackled at all”, and further criticized the political scientist of the University of Cologne.

The plans are great and might be a Problem

is the rejuvenation of The debate on the “citizens ‘ money” the concept of the SPD, however, are not. The desired conversion of the “Hartz IV”system should be accompanied with a whole range of other social policies: In his paper of the SPD Board of management proposes, for example, a key , in order to protect children and young people from poverty, it should go to all employees better in the future: “without Exception, every one of people work, it is worth to be paid so that you can live on it,” the SPD’s Executive Board.

With two pillars, the party wants to achieve: To one of the minimum wage is expected to rise to twelve euros per hour, and on the other a should Tariftr “euegesetz” ensure that more workers can benefit of a tariff binding, for example, by companies with a collective bargaining agreement, for tax purposes, better. And the party’s Executive Committee announces the next proposals for reform: for pension , health and care , housing .

If and when the restart of the welfare state goes beyond the stage, however, is questionable. Also, the SPD chair Andrea Nahles is: “I’m going to assume that we can implement the whole package in this legislative period.”

The plans clearly go beyond what was agreed in the coalition agreement with the Union. A calculated scandal, perhaps a scheduled phase-out of the unpopular Grand coalition? In about a year, want to meet the government parties to Fund the overthrow, and their joint work in drawing with an open outcome. All aware of the fact that The SPD must win for the upcoming Federal election, whenever it will take place, and thus also of the Union delimit. At least this purpose, the 15-page paper meets all.

sources: the SPD, the ZDF, the “Berliner Morgenpost”, a German radio, news agencies DPA and AFP