Whether in the ancient or nowadays, people have always been on the search for happiness. It should, therefore, get a firm place in the Canon of subjects for all schools, says Ernst Fritz-Schubert on the occasion of the International day of happiness.

He is regarded as a pioneer in the subject of happiness in Germany. “Students need more guidance and less expertise. Good knowledge in math and English are no guarantee for a successful life,” the former principal of a vocational school in Heidelberg. There he introduced for the first time in Germany in 2007, luck as a professional.

Since 2009, he develops multipliers for its idea of a classroom where young people discover their Strengths, targets and ways of achieving this is to recognize. His desire: “The students should not, designers of your life, Erdulder of your destiny.” The happiness of each self could help on the jumps. The best mediator is a seasoned teacher, says the 70-Year-old. “It may sound old-fashioned but the ancient virtues are: temperance, justice, courage, wisdom, and willingness to develop further.” If the teachers embody these values, has already gained a lot of.

In happiness the lessons of trust and appreciation away from the “usual Hauens and Piercing” between the students, such as Fritz explains Schubert. This includes discussions about your own desires on the basis of photographs. In the school subject out of the place that the young people dreamed of, especially from an intact family. A study by the University of Mannheim with students with and without luck teaching showed that the school subject happiness had a positive effect on subjective well-being of the students.

500 to 600 teachers were being trained, on founded in 2009, Fritz-Schubert-Institut for personality development so far. At more than 100 schools in Germany, 40 in Austria and isolated in Switzerland and Italy, you can show your students the path to happiness.

The Association education and education (VBE) provides for the specialist rather skeptical. Teachers of all subjects should provide opportunities for the students in high-feelings allowed, for example in sports or community experiences, says Gerhard Brand from the VBE-Federal Executive Board.

Fritz teaches Schubert only happiness, he lives it also. The PhD philosopher who lives in a Villa at the Heidelberg Philosophenweg, considers himself a lucky man. Sport was his passion but recently he had to digest a setback. In the past year, the triathlete has been canceled for the first time, the Ironman. But for him it was totally fine: “Failure, Too, has its meaning, it helps to recognize my limits, to regulate my emotions and to seek new challenges – it is the key to the back door to happiness.”