“Only because you criticized the climate policy and the migration policy, one is not automatically right,” said Hans-Georg Maaßen, the Ex-head of the constitutional protection, in a recent Interview with the “Rheinische Post”. In it, he locates himself surprisingly so: “a Realist, social, so more on the left.” Whether this is his CDU party colleagues as questionable, especially from the intra-party splinter group “values-Union”, which Maaßen feels a sense of belonging.

Hans-Georg Maaßen: bad pictures in buying

take The conservative CDU/CSUler to vote, more likely, his statements that he has made now in the Saxon town of Radebeul: people whose asylum application has been refused, should not only be deported legally, but actually. This applies especially for criminal offenders. A right which should also be completed, if it is “bring bad images”, so Maaßen to the state election event.

The “mirror” reported that around 200 people had gathered in “the Golden anchor” – including, apparently, too many of the AfD supporters and members, such as the Dresden of the Bundestag, Jens Maier. “Multiple AfD give to the politicians and voters and explain how great they find Maaßen. A gentleman came forward and said that he had always voted CDU in the European elections, he was moved to the AfD”, as the Hamburg-based news site.

Ex-chief of the Constitution protection

Maaßen compares the German media with DDR unit press- acclaimed “NZZ” distancing itself


In the course of the performance, the controversial former Top official also spoke about the equipment of the safety authority, and a possible collaboration with the AfD. Security, Maaßen, have a serving function, that all citizens can exercise their rights of freedom also. If you’ve been afraid to stand on the platform and to be on the Track pushing, then that is a restriction of freedom rights.

The Ex-protection of the Constitution-the chief is alluding to the suicide attack on Frankfurt’s main train station, in which a in Switzerland living Eritrean intentionally an eight-year-old boy in front of a drive-in ICE ends should be pushed in. The child was run over by the oncoming train and killed. The success of the AfD, he said, “important parts of the company would turn away,” what the right-wing party professional animals. There are people who feel the state is no longer understood, and others who see it quite differently: “This ditch must be filled in,” said Maaßen. A coalition with the AfD, but he think is currently not possible.

From Seehofer in the retirement

Maaßen was advised in the late summer of 2018 as the President of the Federal constitutional protection for criticism, after he had expressed doubts about the authenticity of a video that shows the killing of a man in Chemnitz, an attack against migrants. In November 2018, the Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) Maaßen in the interim to rest, after he had spoken according to speech manuscript of part of “radical left-wing forces in the SPD,” says the inside.

sources: “Ostsee-Zeitung”, “Spiegel”, DPA

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