The commander-in-chief for Europe waits on a bench at the Cologne Heumarkt, he is wearing a blue-and-white plaid shirt, a blue-tinted Ray-Ban glasses, rather slender, more alert look. It’s just 15 minutes with him, there are three sturdy retainers to encounter. The message of the squad: beware of the commander-in-chief is not alone!

André S. likes to call himself “Hannibal”. As the field of Mr from the ancient times. And just like the Hero of a US action series from the 80s. The was an Ex-soldier and master of disguise. André S. seems to like these kind of suggestion.

He’s not allowed to speak as a German army soldier in public, but even if he did, he would be eloquent enough, awkward questions to Dodge. Officially, the 34-Year-old, only a Sergeant is. But he has served with the elite soldiers of the special forces command (KSK). Three Times he was deployed in Afghanistan.

One thing is certain: “Hannibal” is more than a little soldier. He is the co-founder, Treasurer, and something like the unofficial boss of a club called Uniter (Latin for “in one connected”). The in his official self-presentations, while well-behaved: It promotes questions to the political education and Advisory public bodies in safety. But that’s not the whole truth: This Association, with headquarters in Stuttgart, organized violence marches in the forest. He offers courses in the shoot, in the soil and melee. He is part of a network in which acquaintances with men were well maintained, the law of terrorism are now of the suspect.


An Exercise with Camo and battle helmet in December 2017 in Fulda


According to the private organisation chart Uniter is a “Continental High Command”, so a “continental high command has”. André S., the head for Europe. “Hannibal” is convinced not only of himself, he convinced others. In his club’s romp – and Ex-soldiers, among them former Afghanistan fighter, the Constitution guards and police officers, as well as people from the security industry. You para like military posturing – and trust your field to the Lord “Hannibal”.

At a Ceremony in the vicinity of Heilbronn, Germany, in may, the colleagues presented him with a sword, “in recognition of his merits” . You stand “behind Hannibal’s personal decision,” the Post as a “country district leader” of Germany, he had, in addition to its other functions, in a Familiar to deliver. A test of courage in the city: Several members were shards of glass barefoot over a field of glass.

The tributes to him have been good, because the last Hannibal “the club a bad blow given lines had come up”, than that he and a club colleague had at least entertain lots of contacts to the right of a terrorist suspect’s Lieutenant Franco A.. A minimum of two Times Franco A. at the Meeting with André S. was. Since 2017, the Federal criminal police office Uniter took to the visor. Because it is found at p. parts of an exercise hand grenade of the German army, determined, in the meantime, the office of the public Prosecutor Stuttgart against the soldiers.

some time Ago, Hannibal held its fear of immigration in a Chat. He wrote: “If the conflict is not coming this year or next, we need to be in no later than ten years not remember to want to defend ourselves.” In the refugee of the year 2015 Hannibal had spread “coordinates” moreover, nationwide chat groups, in which so – called Prepper about a possible “disaster” exchanged-also with Franco a.

The Prepper scene in the past few years in Europe. Among the supporters is also a conspiracy theorist, “Reich citizens” and the extreme Right are to be found. Against three men from the chat group “Northern cross”, of which one also knows “Hannibal”, now determines the public Prosecutor’s office in Schwerin, and the attorney General. In the case of a “collapse of state” , so the suspicion of the Federal Prosecutor General against two of the men in the North, should be murdered “representatives of the political left of the spectrum”.

The massive allegations. Against the Uniter, you are not addressed, there you will have to do with extremists nothing. But how credible is that?

Indirect sympathy for the Nazi Regime showed itself to be at least in November 2018 on the public Facebook page of the Uniter. There was a man mocked on “the Italians under arms” which “would have inclined since 1943, always to the Fickleness and opportunism”. 1943 was the year of giving up, in Italy, Adolf Hitler in the axis Alliance. The Italy-critics seems to be Uniter no unwanted visitors to the page have been. In June 2019, a leading Uniter activist took him in the Facebook-group “Germany West”.

According to the Federal Ministry of the interior, the security authorities have checked, in the meantime, possible allegations against the Uniter – one asks, however, “understand that we are not able to publish the results of the Verifications”. But what if the authorities estimate the Association? And what if some of the members have done it by now, key positions in the security industry, or to occupy even in authorities?

The star was now playing the detailed Protocol of a previously unknown Uniter-Whatsapp-group. It shows that members could still hope, until Recently, regularly, on orders from the authorities and from the environment of large companies such as RWE. Until at least the end of June 2019, with dozens of members shared in the Chat about possible Jobs in the security industry – the role as a store detective in the Swabian Alb up to operations in Milan, Monaco and the Iraqi Basra. In addition to “Hannibal” was in the Chat a man with the nickname “Reaper” – grim Reaper – actively, in addition, a “Mini Hulk” and “Punisher-Kev chipped in:” . Administered the Chat from the “Security Consultant” and Ex-soldier, Marco D’arcangelo (nickname “Darc Angelo”), which is ascended in may 2019 as “Hannibal’s” successor to “country district leader” for Germany. “Only to members” would be awarded the offered Jobs, he said in the Chat.

an Association, the common Such Is, in fact, in the government’s behalf?

at the beginning of June 2019 was looking for “Darc Angelo” Security personnel for the energy group RWE, and the “covert Surveillance of the outer ring of the compound of RWE”, in Garzweiler. At the end of June, an action Alliance against the lignite demonstrated there removal. Uniter-people came, in fact, a the club to a related company for the course. She worked there for the RWE security service, and had, according to RWE, the task “warn activists against a Penetration of a surface mine”.

and Also by the authorities, there were obvious Security orders. For three days, from 7. to 10. June 2018, was looking for D’arcangelo two “armed forces for an official The order in Northern Germany”. According to the Uniter, the forces should “support the authorities in a state of reception of an African diplomat”.

And in April 2018, the Security man called “the Punisher-Kev was looking for” to a member of staff for the Country of reception for asylum seekers in baden-württemberg, Sigmaringen. “Hello, men,” he wrote in the Chat, he’ll need someone New for the “representation in the LEA in Sigmaringen” , for six to twelve months. It was “quite urgent”.

“the Punisher-Kev” is called in civil life, Kevin D., He works at a security company in Ravensburg, and was there, at least temporarily, for several refugee homes in the state of Baden-Württemberg responsible. In one of these homes in the Allgäu region, the refugees were received in February 2016 after an attack even on Patrol, because they had the feeling that the people of Kevin D. be too passive – a charge the company rejected.

In the case of Uniter he was kicking now, and he assured the star. At least until April of 2019, he was still in the job Board of the Association. To star the request of the chief of the Ravensburger security company “decided” by “groups such as Uniter distanced itself” . Of the job the company didn’t know that.


“a command of contenders” to get the wolf badge


This service, so hoped to Uniter, should not only the members benefit, but also the influence of the Association strengths. In April 2019 Hannibal asked “” in the Chat to occupy positions in the companies: “Good positions in the economy should necessarily remain in the circle of ‘loved ones’ in order to create long-term value for the network.” Uniter, so the goal should be a “seal of quality in the security industry” .

After “Taz” and “Focus” had reported in November of 2018, over allegations against the club, there was briefly commotion in the Whatsapp group. Then Hannibal calmed down “” his comrades: “We have to get more companies and members through the campaign,” he said. There is also to clients that not “to flatter the spectrum at the left”.

On its Website, the club boasts today, you have forgiven “currently, international 125 as bodyguards, property protection, driver special protected Vehicle, but also as a police instructor in the government in order to”.

In April published a Uniter, a report on the security situation in Germany, provides insights into the ideology of the Association. The Report denounces “the violence of the so-called part of the immigrant”. “Most of the German media refuse to discuss this”, while immigrants in violent crime “180 times” of criminal than the Rest of the population. The number was “frivolous”, says the criminologist Thomas Feltes.

Is an Association of the spread of the Kind, in fact, in the government’s behalf? In may 2018, a participant of the chat wrote, that Germany is a “crisis region” . Another agreed disaster scenario: “exactly”, and The “(to be expected of the Un)” “arrived”.

“A shadow army, we are definitely not,” said D’arcangelo in February in an Interview with the SWR. But the members of the “Survival in nature” and the cutting of Wild before practicing as they were preparing for an impending conflict. Since, you know, under public observation, to give you a civilised coat and leave in time dance courses. In older posts but the para-military echoes were hidden barely.

in June and July 2018 Uniter offered in Heilbronn for “civilians without any special prerequisite” Exercises in the shoot-out in the group and out of cover as well as a course in the “reaction shooting” – actually, not for civilians, but a specialty of the KSK. During Reaction fire “should be assigned to enemy positions as far as possible without interruption in the fire,” – said in a KSK-Letter of April, 2014.

“the fight even shoot” are allowed to perform according to the law in Germany, “only special forces of the authorities” , says the Federal Association of the Security industry – except it was shooting as a “Defense” under strict conditions approved. The weapons authorities of the city and district of Heilbronn say that they had approved no such target practice. At the Uniter, you now claims, contrary to the wording of the invitation, that the Exercise shall not have applied “to civilians” – as the club itself was very much a military organization.

The Left-the Deputy Martina Renner demanded from the Federal authorities, “that they finally provide consistent and comprehensive investigations, as well as enlightenment” . In fact, it is surprising how largely unmolested, the club was previously a para-military arrogate table. The Uniter-Christmas party in December of 2017, in Fulda a Team in Flecktarn and the protection of the West, has led to the care of the Wounded – a scenario, as they steeled themselves militarily in case of a disaster. A few months later, a Chat participant was looking for a parachute Trainer for “Luggage jumps” and “tactical Jump”. The Association for the skydiving, you shake one another’s heads: “tactical” is Jumping “is not part of the civilian education and training”. Uniter now claims, in all Seriousness, it would have “traded to a request from the U.S. Army,” which is intended “to active soldiers and certified instructors”.

Uniter, so it should have a member say, was the celebrated “a Pact of wolves, should oversee the flock of sheep”

To the financial statements Uniter in November 2018, high above the Rhine on the Drachenfels near Bonn. Before participating “in Uniform should have rehearsed” program points, such as “March” and “flag parade” really “clean” – warned D’arcangelo previously in the Chat.


On the Drachenfels near Bonn, about 100 people gathered in November 2018

©R4200/ Picture-Alliance

Particularly allusions to symbols and practices of the legendary German army special forces unit KSK, the Uniter seem to appreciate members. The club symbol with the sword and the oak wreath is similar to one on the head rotated KSK badge. And as for the so-called hell week in which the SFC checks the Suitability of potential recruits, the store also Uniter-people for forced marches ever pound tree trunks on the back. At the Uniter, you insure that only serve the “team building”.

In October 2018, the club is also a qualification procedure in the Baden, Mosbach, belonged to the grueling tours through the forest. It was meant to be “for our command candidate,” wrote D’arcangelo in the Chat. “You’re always beautiful to the tasks of thinking, Formation keeping, and contact with the enemy be prepared” – as one participant summed up the examination.

you bekamen a Wolf bares behind a badge, on the the teeth. “I am proud to be a part of the wolf pack to be,” wrote one of them. The Association, as it is supposed to have once said that a member was “a Pact of wolves, should oversee the flock of sheep”. The flock of sheep, it was the German people.

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