In Saxony was found to be a hangover from his family in a terrible state again: in addition to other serious injuries has been stripped of his fur by the unknown offender part. When the family found the injured cat, they drove immediately to the vet. They suspected at first that the animal had fallen victim to a traffic accident. When doctor Rudolf could be saved with a two-hour emergency surgery. His young age contributed to that everything went well – only his tail could not be saved, the doctor had to amputate.

Other causes for the severe injuries to exclude

“There was also the Consideration of the ten-month-old cat to euthanize. But our whole family depends on him. We could have our children not hurt,” said Rudolf, owner of Corina Tittmann of the “Free press”. Family Tittmann was happy about the progress of the OP, but shocked by the verdict of the doctor that the injuries could not be a traffic accident due. The doctor explained to the family, it was a case of animal cruelty. “The vet discovered two cuts, and from the castle in order for other cause of the serious injury.”

Via Social Media has spread the news of the fate of the cat, and the contribution of the family on Facebook has just shared 2600 Times, and about 1700 Times commented. Facebook User share your compassion with the cat and his family, and are shocked by the fact. Steven Tittman, owner of the cat, was even a reward of 200 Euro for clues to the perpetrators. According to the “Free press” in total, distributed 500 leaflets in Hormersersdorf, the Wohnohrt of the cat and his family, and the surrounding area.

reward for information leading to the perpetrators

Facebook has even collected money for the treatment of Rudolf. “To all who wish to participate in the reward, first of all thanks. And we are (…) now for about 1500 Euro,” wrote Steven Tittmann in a Facebook Posting. The treatment of the cat was not yet completed, probably Rudolf had to be readmitted for surgery. “The costs of the veterinarian are likely to be around 600 euros,” estimated Corina Tittmann. “Maybe he’s lucky and the coat grows back, so that he retains so many scars,” she says.

instructions to the perpetrators, the police take area in Stollberg, phone: 037296 900.

source: Free press