Islam encounters in Germany on large reservations: Every second takes him as a threat come true. The on Thursday released study by the Bertelsmann Foundation on the Basis of the representative “religion monitor”. This perception was rooted since a few years ago, “relatively stable”. Striking: In East Germany, where fewer Muslims, the scepticism is greater than in the West. So 30 per cent in the East and 16 percent in the West, want to according to the survey, not Muslims as neighbors.

With globalization and immigration have increased, but also the religious plurality, it means in the examination. This diversity can enrich society, says one Respondent. The view on Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism and Hinduism, is here the majority of positive. But In Islam, only a third says that he was enriching.

The number of Muslims in Germany is estimated at almost five million, with about 1.5 million live in the provinces, the most in North Rhine-Westphalia. Nationwide, 44.8 million people of the Catholic or Protestant Church to belong to (2017).

Islam more as a political ideology

considered to be reservations against Islam are not, however, be equated with Islamophobia, explains Yasemin El-Menouar, religion, expert of the Foundation in Gütersloh. As hostile to Islam 13 percent of the respondents who currently were to be classified, to stop the immigration of Muslims – 20 per cent in East and 11 percent in West Germany. After all, the would favour but in 2017, 20 percent. Islamophobic-Minded reject often also to other minorities, as the analysis shows.

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AfD-followers, Muslims consider violent than Christians

where is the width of skepticism towards Islam? “Apparently, many people see Islam less as a Religion, but above all as a political ideology,” says El-Menouar. In addition, Islam is discussed in the Public mostly in a negative context. Study author Gert Pickel sees a number of reasons. Reports of Islamist terrorism and fear of terrorist attacks accounted for a lot, he says the German press Agency. On many of the Islam culturally alien to acting.

the feeling of threat – in the East, in turn, slightly more often expressed than in the West – go through all layers of the population, says sociologist of Religion. Such delimiting, with negative attitudes could be dangerous: “If a significant group within the population looks at a different, smaller group as a threat, is detrimental to the life of democracy.” Right-wing populists are lived almost of the Islam as a danger. Also, the AfD position against Islam, is responsible, to the exclusion of Muslims and an Anti-migration policy.

70 percent of the population is considered to be tolerant

Religious tolerance was a good coexistence of people with and without a history of Migration is a crucial prerequisite, emphasizes the study. Around 70 per cent of the population are to be regarded, therefore, as tolerant, as you attribute to other religions is also a truth.

Muslim organisations complain again and again, exclusion, deprivation, insults and attacks against mosques and Muslims. The feeling of security in many mosque communities to be disturbed, “sensitive”, reported that the Islamic organization Ditib just after a bomb threat on Tuesday in Cologne against Germany’s biggest mosque complex.

The Bertelsmann-analysis focuses also on the acceptance of the democratic values and principles: This is for the members of the different religions, wide, independently of Judaism, Christianity, or Islam. The large majority of 89 percent of the population – across all religions – a rating of the democracy as a good form of government.

contacts against reservations

And how can the persistent Islam-Reserved for counteract? The Bertelsmann Foundation advises the use of early exchange and encounter in kindergarten and school. Because of the “religion monitor” evidence that people who have regular contact with members of other religions, are less sceptical towards Islam.

political scientist pimples says: “Everything that supports a coming Together, is helpful.” The Islam conference is not rich. There is a need for many contacts: “In the Ruhr area, the composition of the population in a natural way, but in the East, this is difficult because there is very little Muslims-life. happens Overall, this is a tough process.”

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