As a unicorn dressed up and as good as naked triggered a local politician to a garden show in Baden-Württemberg vertebrae. Actually, it was just about to send a mascot to the stage. Left-councillor Cynthia Schneider had remembered with pastel body color, unicorn cap, and a narrow Slip veiled to the city coat of arms of Schwäbisch Gmünd.

At the opening of the garden show for Schorndorf, Schwaebisch gmuend, and adjacent places, it was so powerful hype – and then a whole passel of Trouble. Because the Mittdreißigerin had to stay in the action actually anonymous. “The Ob assured me that I can be incognito occur,” she said of the “image”-newspaper. In the network she was biting comments, but also encouragement by your “costume”.

body painting

Almost naked into the stadium-the fray – Model fast Experiment

dares free unicorn appearance “not quite appropriate”

“Nothing against unicorns, but the way it was presented, of course, was not quite appropriate,” said Thorsten Englert, managing Director of the REMS valley garden show, on Wednesday. Not have bothered him expressly that the link politician was under the paint, almost naked. “This is not even noticed.”

Rather, the appearance of the garden show itself and also the other 15 participating municipalities have stolen the Show: The circulating photos at the opening last Friday concentrated on the salmon, the Minister-President Winfried Kretschmann (Green), next to him the cheerful Cynthia Schneider with rhinestones and butterflies on the naked breast and a unicorn on the forehead.

Baden-württemberg head of the government, responded on Wednesday left on the aftermath of the unicorn’s presence. “We should not lead each event-fundamentalist debates. I think that’s completely uptight,” he said in Stuttgart. The performance of each could evaluate how he wanted to. “One finds the humorous, the interesting, the next trendy, the next stupid. We are in a free society.” The children on the stage would have surrounded the unicorn, alias Schneider thrilled. “Kindergarten children are not impressed but any half-naked breast. The character has fascinated you, and there’s been just terrific.”

body painting art

How many people do you see in these pictures?

“So see we in the Ostalbkreis city councillors from”

The Lord mayor of Schwäbisch Gmünd, Richard Arnold (CDU), according to the words of his spokesman, the excitement also. “He is still fully behind the action.” That Schneider want to remain anonymous, did not understand the WHETHER as a consultation. “You know, anyway to each other,” said the spokesman. On the stage, Arnold had said, with a view to the unicorn: “a group of city councillors look at us in the ALB.” However, doing it to the town hall chief, sorry, that Schneider had grown closer after that, as a Person and a politician in the center. He addressed for the action, because they had as a body painting Model experience. With her as a councillor this had nothing to do.

Left group in Schwäbisch Gmünd> dissociates

The garden show didn’t hurt all the excitement so far. Alone on the opening weekend had been, according to Englert 100,000 guests in the REMS valley to visit.

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