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drug boss “El Chapo” Guzman, spoken in the USA is guilty of (18.41 PM)Theresa May gives Brexit-Declaration (14.10)Nahles Internet wants to force the giants to Share their data holdings (13.50)Gabriel praised the SPD for its social plans (12.20 p.m.)Union leader rejects social reforms of the SPD strictly (11.53 am)

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+++ 22.09 watch: Russia warns United States against use of violence in Venezuela +++

Russia, the United States has called in the power struggle in Venezuela for restraint. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov warned his US colleague Mike Pompeo in a telephone conversation prior to “any interference in the internal Affairs of Venezuela, including Washington threatened the use of force,” said the foreign Ministry in Moscow.

+++ 21: 45: Berlsuconi not more Italians are crazy because you choose him +++

The Italians have become, in the view of Ex-Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s crazy – because they choose him. “I’m ashamed to say it: a 5-to 6 Italians out of 100 choose me still – an incredible thing,” said the 82-Year-old on Tuesday in a TV show on his channel Canale 5. “I think the Italians are crazy(…). You should look in the mirror.” The “company” Italy would be entrusted to the voters in a group, “which has not worked or studied,” he said with a glance to the head of the Five-star movement, Luigi Di Maio. “We are a nation of Madmen.”

+++ 20.16 PM: Macedonia is officially called Northern Macedonia +++

renamed The small Balkan country of Macedonia has officially in the North of Macedonia. The renaming step, with effect from Tuesday into force, the government in Skopje in the evening. The new Name is part of the implementation of the agreement with Greece, from June of the previous year. Appropriate amendments to the Constitution approved by the Parliament in Skopje in the previous month.

+++ 18.41 at: USA: Jury speaks of drug kingpin “El Chapo” guilty +++

The Mexican drug boss Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán has been spoken at his trial in New York guilty. The guilty verdict, the Jury decided after six days of deliberations. The 61-Year-old must now face a life sentence. The sentence will be announced at a later date.

The jury found Guzman in all counts guilty. It was because of drug smuggling, arms trafficking, and money in the process Laundry been made. According to the indictment, the Sinaloa is said to have smuggled cartel under his leadership between 1989 and 2014, nearly 155 tons of cocaine and large quantities of other drugs in the United States.

The massive security arrangements accompanied the process against “El Chapo” had begun at the beginning of November. During the Mammoth trial the prosecution had more than 50 witnesses to subpoena. They also offered hundreds of documents and dozens of intercepted phone calls. Many witnesses described to the most gruesome Details of the violence of the powerful drug cartel. They also described how the cartel Mexican police, military and government, bribed employees.

+++ 18.19 PM: Stolen jewels in the crown: Sweden releases the Suspect from custody +++

A 26-year-old suspect has been set in the case of the stolen crown jewels in Sweden. There is no sufficient evidence to justify a further detention law, the district court in Eskilstuna the German press Agency. State attorney Deeva Revgun wanted to take action against the decision of the court.

The 26-Year-old was arrested on Saturday on suspicion of being involved in the theft of the crown jewels from the Cathedral of Strängnäs, near Stockholm. Another man sitting in custody, against a third party, a process is already running.

+++ 18.06 PM: Belgium: strikes entire air traffic to a halt +++

Because of the country’s General strike is blocked, the air space over Belgium on Wednesday for the normal air traffic to a complete. It could not be guaranteed that sufficient staff are available to ensure safety and security, informed the Belgian air traffic control and transport service providers Skeyes. The 24-hour block should start on Tuesday evening at 22.00.

international railway transport from and to Belgium, as well as the use of public transport will be affected by the strike. “There will be violent disturbances in our network,” tweeted, for example, the Brussels public transport. The trade unions go on strike for wage and pension increases.

+++ 17.48 PM: Prosecutor calls for prison sentences in the horse meat scandal +++

In the fraud process, to horse meat in lasagna and other finished products the indictment in France, the imprisonment sentences for several defendants requested. The Prosecutor demanded on Tuesday in Paris of four years in prison for the Dutch merchant Johannes chamfers, to have organized the dizziness significantly. The former head of the French meat processing company Spanghero, Jacques Poujol, to a year in prison.

The men even fraud and consumer deception due to band to court. You should have spent on the horse meat as beef. For two other defendants, the Prosecutor’s probation called for penalties.

+++ 17.21 PM: Pakistani plaintiff against Kik want to appeal +++

Four applicants from Pakistan against the textile disco go under Kik an appeal to aspiration procedures. The Dortmunder regional court had dismissed in January, their damages claim after a devastating factory fire, and any claims were time-barred under the relevant Pakistani law. The lawyer for the plaintiff said on request, will be submitted to the higher regional court of Hamm on Thursday a request for legal aid for an appeal process. Kik stated that it fears a vocation, but look forward to her “with great Serenity”. Previously, the “Frankfurter Rundschau”

+++ 17.16 PM: brink house is not reported, expecting the noise in the coalition +++

Union leader Ralph Brinkhaus (CDU) estimates that in spite of the controversial SPD proposals for social reform not with a new noise in the Grand coalition. With a view to the Meeting of the coalition, pointed on Wednesday evening Brinkhaus said on Tuesday before a meeting of the Union group in Berlin: “That will be no dramatic coalition Committee, where there is a big fight.” You will discuss the work programme for the coming months. The working atmosphere in the coalition, it was very good. The Union insist that there is no new debt and no new taxes. “We want to have a sound budgetary policy.” the

+++ 17.06 PM: Bouffier vote on safe countries of origin +++

the Prime Minister of Hesse Volker Bouffier (CDU), postponed want to postpone the vote on the law in the Bundesrat, the expansion of safe countries of origin. Hesse made a motion to take the bill on Friday of the agenda of the regional chamber, said the state of Hesse government spokesman Michael Bußer of the newspaper “taz”. The Federal government wants to declare Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco and Georgia to the so-called safe countries of origin.

the Background of the application was that the Prime Minister wanted to hold talks to seek a settlement, said Bußer. The Deputy CDU Federal Chairman had given a few days ago, in his government Declaration in the Hessian Parliament, that in the black-green coalition are different assessments in the classification of certain countries as safe countries of origin.

+++ 16: 36: Duma votes for an isolated Russian Internet +++

Russian MPs backed a law that provides for the separation of the country from the global Internet. The draft law was adopted in first reading, with 334 votes to 47, after an unusually heated debate in the Duma. Critics warned that the new rules could throw the Internet in a strict state censorship. The initiators defended it as a “defense mechanism” to the “long-term stable operation of networks in Russia.”

The bill would allow the Internet traffic in Russia from servers in foreign countries. It provides for the establishment of a centre, “in order to secure the management of the Internet traffic and to control”. Internet service providers would have to install the “technical measures”, “threats”.

+++ 16.15: Four Oscar categories will not be broadcast live on TV +++

At this year’s Oscar ceremony, the Handing-over of the film should not be transferred to prices in the four less well-known categories in television. Instead, TV viewers will be at home at the Show on 24. February advertising see.

the Oscars for best cinematography, best editing, best Live Action short film and best Make-Up and hair styling are Concerned. This is John Bailey, President of the Oscar Academy, the site “Variety in, announced” in a letter to members.

Also, the speed of the respective Oscar-winners to the stage, and their speeches of Thanks will not be transferred. The Handing over of the prizes in the four categories was to be seen in the Internet on the Oscars Website, it said.

+++ 15.57 PM: Puigdemont calls for acquittal of separatists leaders +++

The former Catalan regional President, Carles Puigdemont, has the court process in Madrid against twelve separatist leader sharply criticized. “Today we are witnessing a process, it never would have,” said the 56-Year-old in the Catalan representation in Berlin. It was an artificially constructed political process.

On the dock to sit in his words, “honest, innocent Democrats, who have acted according to the mandate of the Parliament”. Puigdemont added: “I hope that the state uses in the course of this process, there is still a Chance to make a fair judgment, and this is the acquittal.”

In the Tuesday process, begun in Madrid the public Prosecutor’s office accuses the defendants in connection with the referendum on Secession from the 1. October 2017, and a subsequent independence, decision, Rebellion, riot, and the embezzlement of public funds.

+++ 15.45: IS a supporter of free from Iraqi prisons, and back in Germany +++

One of the met four in Iraq, the detention of the convicted German IS-trailer inside is free again and back in Germany. Fatima M. had landed in Frankfurt on Monday, reported to the NDR. The 31-Year-old was entitled to leave the airport after a search and identification procedure. According to the report, the attorney General determined against the wife, on a warrant at the moment. The Federal Prosecutor in Karlsruhe said on Tuesday upon request.

According to the NDR information was pulled Fatima M. four years ago with her husband and two children in Iraq to join the terrorist organization Islamic state (IS). The man died in battle, the sons did not apply for an air attack as a miss. A court in Baghdad, have you sentenced to a year in prison, is now serving.

+++ 15.31 PM: sharp increase in anti-Semitic incidents in France +++

In France it has given to 2018, significantly more anti-Semitic incidents than before. It 541 cases were known, 74 percent more than in 2017, as Minister of the interior, Christophe Castaner announced in Paris. In a Video he spoke of, that anti-Semitism is “like a poison” spread.

Castaner also refers to incidents from the past weekend. Thus, a window of a business in the centre of Paris had been smeared according to the media, with the German word “Jews”. A street-work of art with a portrait of the deceased former Minister and Holocaust Survivor Simone Veil was in the 13. City district with a swastika painted over. In a Paris suburb, two trees were felled that had been planted 13 years ago to honor the memory of a murdered Jewish man. The incidents related in the last year, mainly threats with an anti-Semitic character. In 2016 and 2017, the Numbers of anti-Semitism-cases have declined in France as a whole.

+++ 15.06 PM: suspicion of fraud after the seizure of the alleged Hitler-pictures +++

After the seizure of three images, the painted allegedly by Adolf Hitler in Berlin were seized, the public Prosecutor’s office in the capital due to suspicion of fraud. As the prosecution announced on Tuesday at the request of the DPA news Agency, examines the watercolors in the state office of criminal investigation. The elaborate examination could take several weeks. The color pigments and the paper will be analyzed accordingly to the age of the images.

The police had the pictures on the 24. January shortly before a scheduled auction in Berlin-Pankow ensured. There is reasonable doubt as to the authenticity, had communicated to a spokeswoman for the authority. In the case of a Internet a criminal was a guard, therefore, before display.

+++ 14.44 PM: EU builds help in case of natural disasters +++

The EU wants to prepare better against natural disasters. The European Parliament voted with great majority for a new joint use procedure. In the case of emergencies such as forest fires, Storms or Floods, should be available so that in the future an EU-Reserve device and helpers. This includes fire – fighting aircraft, equipment for Search and Rettungsei include nsätze, as well as field hospitals and emergency medical teams.

civil protection

How Germany is in a Blackout prepared? The answer you don’t want to know

By Daniel Wüstenberg

This System is not supposed to come according to the Parliament, if the member States themselves have sufficient resources to respond adequately to disasters. To decide, the EU-Commission.

+++ 14.10 PM: Theresa May urges MPs to more time at the Brexit +++

The British Prime Minister, Theresa May, has called on the deputies in the Parliament in London, to keep the nerves. You still need more time and support for Changes to the Brexit-the agreement, said May in a statement to the EU exit. Again, you granted to the proposal of the opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn for a permanent customs Union with the EU, a rejection.

Already this Thursday for a further round of voting about the next steps in the Brexit is provided process. In about six weeks, the UK wants to break away from the European Union. Critics May, to play for time, and so the deputies to force them to support their Brexit Deals.