A 70-Year-old on Tuesday evening in the middle of Wuppertal, close to the S-Bahnhof Oberbarmen, in front of his front door. Immediately, several people are going to go off on him, beating and kicking them brutally to the man. Witnesses observed the attack, hold and one of the attackers and alert the police. The rest of the four to five Parties can run. A homicide is determined on suspicion of grievous bodily harm. The victim seriously injured to the hospital. Half a day after the attack, the officers arrested another Suspect. The Wuppertal public Prosecutor’s office shall then: The German and the German-Bulgarian are only 14 years old and already police known multiple offender.

you should belong to a loose group of children and young people of concern to the authorities in the 350.000 inhabitants of the city for well over a year, there is considerable concern – and against their criminal activities, the police, the judiciary and youth welfare office, apparently, no suitable means have to be found.

“Gucci-gear” can be hundreds of offences attributed to the

The Minors call their Clique “Gucci-gear”. Sounds noble and luxury, is, in truth, but the complete opposite. Named has reported the group after a song title of American rapper Lil Pump, such as the “image”-newspaper. In the Text of the musician from Florida, it comes to lavish wealth.

Mara Salvatrucha

youth gang in the United States, The Wuppertal-based “Gucci shocked with the cruel murder


-speed” is, at best, rich in criminal activity. About 15 children and adolescents were attributable to estimates of the Wuppertal Prosecutor Wolf-Tilman Baumert, in conversation with the star. “It is not a fixed or organized band structure, but a loose Association. The Minors are committing in changing constellations of crime, time, time in a larger group.”

Meanwhile, the authorities expect the “Gucci-gear” hundreds of violations of the law. “From shoplifting, drug offences up to a street robbery,” says Baumert. With the brutal attack on the 70-Year-old had reached a completely new Dimension.

the members of the group were able to always be noticeable for a simple reason, the attorney – paragraphs 19 of the criminal code: “The children make Use of, that you are only 14 years of age of criminal responsibility.” They celebrated their 14. Birthday, left the then young people, often of crime.

the two now arrested a 14-Year-old around 200 entries in the files, for example, overall, a police spokesman tells the star. Including those that are not crime related, although such investigations are Missing. But they should Also each have dozens and dozens of crimes committed, almost all of it before the 14. Birthday. The two teenagers have “an incredible past,” a senior Prosecutor Baunert.

police hands are tied – help social work?

One of the two was, according to the prosecution, only on 10. May sentenced to a youth sentence of eight months for his first Offense, because he has beaten an educator – as a 14-Year-old. He had been dismissed after the verdict from the detention. His imprisonment it had not started yet, because the competent district court had not enforced the punishment, as yet, fully explained Baumert. After the attack on the 70-Year-old, he sits together with his alleged accomplices in custody.

third of his life in jail

In Berlin shot: For Nidal R. Berlin once led the Department of “intensive offender” a

Finn Rütten

The “Gucci Gang” is, especially in the district of Wuppertal-Barmen, on-the-go. According to the findings of the authorities visit the school regularly and meet instead at different places in the city, hang out, consume part of drugs and commit crimes. It is considered to be “to cool” of the group, cited the “Remscheider General-Anzeiger”, the head of the Wuppertal youth welfare office. The Clique is a family replacement.

“The children and young people come from all walks of life: from poor house mothers as well as well-off, middle-class families alone,” says senior public Baumert attorney. It’s German, and other national supporters, members of the “Gucci-gear”.

The police basically has no options against offenders under 14 to proceed, says a spokesman. “We know the group and the colleagues, the well-known accurate tire points on a regular basis.” The members of the group are suspected in the case of offences, to inform the police, the parents and turn on the child welfare – was not legally possible.


Hans-Bernd Brosius

communication researchers to explain why people perceive crime to be distorted

By Daniel Wüstenberg

In the youth welfare office had said the group “on the screen”, like a city hall spokeswoman on star request. “Two social workers in the diakonia deliberately seek contact to build the group.” Through the “outreach work” had succeeded in the past months, that the two minors of the “Gucci Gang” had been averted. The city hall spokesperson admits, however: “A quick solution for the Problem, there is not.”

the Extent to which the parents of delinquent children and young people with the office to cooperate, and whether there was, for example, efforts to deprive them of the custody and the Minor’s otherwise accommodate, could not say the spokesperson. She referred to the social Department of the city of Wuppertal. This was not to be reached Friday afternoon for comment.

kids and youth crime in Wuppertal constant

in Spite of the occurrence of the “Gucci Gang” about a year ago: The number of accused recorded children and young people in the Wuppertal urban area in the past few years, according to Police crime statistics largely constant. The largest part of the cases that make up each of the thefts and the so-called rawness crimes (battery, robbery – and freedom-related offences).

Wuppertal suspects children under 14Tatverdächtige young people 14 to 18Tatverdächtige children and young people number of offences 201853411711705Anzahl crime 201748911681657Anzahl crime 201646912171686Anzahl crime 201548812021690Anzahl crime 201439812911689

overall, The victims of the attack on Tuesday evening, is still in intensive care in the hospital, the man’s life is in danger. According to the starInformation is described his condition as “extremely critical”. Should he survive the fact that he would wear, therefore, permanent damage.

prosecutors and police in Wuppertal are still looking for witnesses to the beating attack. You will be asked to log in using the phone number (0202) 2840.

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