The self-proclaimed Venezuelan interim President Juan Guaidó wants to bring movement into the deadlocked power struggle with the head of state, Nicolás Maduro.

For Saturday, the leader of the opposition protests, announced in all the national territory. “The whole country plays an important role in this stage of our struggle,” he wrote on Twitter. “We organise ourselves to leave this tragedy behind us and stop the illegal takeover of power.”

Last Guaidó had already announced to mobilise his supporters across the country and lead to a March on the capital, Caracas. “Soon I’ll be in my office in the (presidential Palace) Miraflores,” he said. He also called on Venezuelans abroad to support his movement.

Guaidó had on 23. January self to the interim President of the South American country. He said the head of state, Maduro’s legitimacy, because its re-election have not met in the past year, the democratic Standards. Many opponents of the government were not allowed to run. The largest opposition Alliance boycotted because of unfair conditions for the election.

Although many countries Guaidó already recognized as the rightful interim President, in Venezuela, even he has not succeeded yet. Especially the powerful military continues to Maduro. Guaidó tried to create against the will of the government humanitarian aid into the country. He also wanted to turn the anger of many Venezuelans about the recent power outages in a wide rebellion. Both Attempts failed.

The government announced for the weekend of maneuvers. In the case of the military exercise, especially the protection of the supply systems should be trained, informed the Minister of defense Vladimir Padrino. Most recently, Venezuela had been a massive power outage for days.

Maduro made by the Opposition and the United States planned a cyber attack for the collapse of the energy supply. The government’s opponents see the reason, however, displaced investment, corruption, and lack of maintenance of the facilities.

After the power failure, the General Prosecutor’s office initiated a new investigation for Sabotage against Guaidó. He had no fear of arrest, said the self-appointed interim President: “If the Regime wants to commit one last error, it’s supposed to do that.”