After a week-long power struggle with the Venezuelan head of state Nicolas Maduro, the self-appointed interim President, Juan Guaidó confident of victory.

“are We on the verge of our freedom to regain,” said the 35-Year-old, during a Demonstration against the government in the capital, Caracas. Although Guaidó was able to build in Venezuela itself has no real position of power, he showed himself self-consciously. “The end of the illegal power takeover is close,” he said to the cheers of his followers. “Soon, I need a new office to Work in. Soon I’ll be in my office in the (presidential Palace) Miraflores.”

However, the self-appointed transitional President could end up in prison. Due to Sabotage against the energy supply of the oil country, the public Prosecutor’s office initiated on Tuesday, the investigation against him. Since January is calculated against Guaidó, after the Deputy explained to the transitional President and head of state, Maduro had challenged so openly. In this case, a departure barrier against him was imposed. His accounts were frozen.

The U.S. government warned the Venezuelan authorities steps against Guaidó. “The United States, the Venezuelan security forces for the security of President Guaidó and responsible to the national Assembly,” wrote U.S. national security adviser John Bolton on Twitter. “Any kind of violence against them or their families will experience a strong response. The world is watching.”

In Venezuela, went on Tuesday, thousands of people took to the streets to protest against the government, and since the days of power outages. Maduro made one of the USA’s and the Opposition’s planned cyber attack for the collapse of the energy supply. Guaidó and his followers, however, the debt-to-see, the government is delaying the necessary investment and the network didn’t wait properly.

“We have no light, we have no water,” said a resident of the district of Santa Mónica, in the South of the Venezuelan capital of the TV channel VPI. Information Minister Jorge Rodríguez said: “In this Moment, the power is produced almost in the whole country.” The power outage began on Thursday evening and is considered to be the longest in the history of the South American crisis state.

Guaidó wants to use the anger of many Venezuelans about the power failure to win in the power struggle against Maduro the upper hand. Although many countries, including the United States and Germany, have already recognised as the rightful interim President, he cannot prevail in their own country. As long as the powerful military, Maduro is Faithful, is not likely to change much.

In the demonstrations on Tuesday Guaidó, swore his followers to not get discouraged. “It is not the darkness, the hatred or the resentment will guide our steps,” he said. “We stay on the road until we in the freedom for all of Venezuela. Here, no one steps back.”