Venezuela’s Opposition has received information in spite of blocked borders first aid supplies. The self-appointed interim President, Juan Guaidó on Monday evening (local time) a Video on Twitter that shows him between cardboard boxes and Stacks of white boxes.

He has also held packet with the inscription “micro-nutrients in powder form” in the camera. The first of 1.7 million servings of food intended for pregnant women and malnourished children, wrote Guaidó. How he came to the deliveries, he said. For Tuesday, he announced more demonstrations.

the dispute over the aid delivery is the latest round in a power struggle between Guaidó and head of state, Nicolás Maduro. President Guaidó had on 23. January to the interim President declared. He had argued that Maduro had been choice in the last year, illegitimate, and this would not have been allowed to compete, therefore, his second term in January.

relief supplies were recently in the Colombian border town of Cúcuta stopped. Maduro had ten trucks with about 100 tons of cargo, not going to happen. The socialist head of state referred to the supplies as a political “Show” and claimed that they were merely a pretext for a military Intervention. Guaidó wrote, the Venezuelans would go on Tuesday back on the road, so that the relief goods would be left in the country.