In the power struggle in Venezuela is trying to pull the self-appointed interim President, Juan Guaidó, the public service and the trade unions on his side.

With the announcement of a strike of state employees increased Guaidó on Tuesday (local time) the pressure on the socialist head of state, Nicolás Maduro. “Employees in the public service, the workers and the trade unions will not work with a Regime they are locked and tracked,” said Guaidó at a Meeting with trade unionists in the capital, Caracas. The United States threatened to Maduro with further punitive measures.

Guaidó, the on 23. January had declared the interim President, was returned on Monday after a one and a half week trip abroad to his home. Due to an investigation and a ban on Leaving the arrest threatens him there. The leader of the opposition, however, supported by large Parts of the population and of the Western States. Across the country people were gone on Monday against the socialist government of head of state, Maduro is on the road. Maduro may be based on a hard core of his supporters and the military.

The workers and employees were planning a “gradual” strike “of all sectors,” said Guaidó journalists. Exactly when the strike is to begin, would be made known to the workers themselves.

The national Assembly will today begin the Meetings with the representatives of the public service, informed Guaidó on Twitter. He promised Union representatives an Amnesty for employees who were against the head of state, Maduro. The interim President had earlier said that members of the army, a similar Amnesty. Since then, hundreds of soldiers have fled into the neighboring country of Colombia.

Washington state chief, Nicolás Maduro, threatened with further sanctions. The US special representative for Venezuela, Elliott Abrams, announced on Tuesday, additional persons from the environment Maduros were assigned to the Visa restrictions. So far, 59 Visa had been revoked. The US had also prepared additional economic sanctions. “Are you ready, if we have to use them against the Regime.”

The administration of US President Donald Trump supports Guaidó and tried for weeks to push Maduro to retreat. Abrams said Tuesday, meanwhile, 54 countries Guaidó would recognize, including many EU States. He expressed disappointment that Italy, the recognition Guaidós negative, as an important EU member state to date.

Federal development Minister Gerd Müller (CSU) looks at the solution to the conflict in Venezuela, but especially the countries in the Region. During a visit to Mexico, Müller argued for a mediating role of the Latin American country. “I think that it is wise, when the conflict is solved from the Region”, said Müller on Tuesday evening in Mexico city. Initiatives from Brussels, would, in his view, a comparatively lower effect. After a “peaceful solution” to the conflict in Venezuela needs to be stabilised.


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