Berlin CDU Chief Monika Grütters pulls back from the top of the country party. You’ll at the party Congress on 18. May not more, learned to run the German press Agency on Friday.

the 57-Year-old makes the way for your Challenger, Kai Wegner. The 46-year-old member of Parliament had announced in the previous week, surprising his candidacy for the party chairmanship. First of all, the RBB had reported on the retreat.

Grütters, the Federal government, state Minister of Culture, had taken over the party presidency until the end of 2016, after a severe defeat of the CDU in the house of representatives election. After his candidacy was announced, she had initially made it clear that she didn’t want to leave the field without a fight. After talks between her and Wegner seems to be now clear, however, that she sees in the party, no more fixes, more for your rate. Your withdrawal to be agreed with Wegner, was called in party circles.

Grütters had prevailed in the Takeover of the post in 2016 the goal of making the CDU a liberal big-city party, to make you rejuvenate and female. Since then, Grütters has moved a lot. She was however in the decades of men’s round and powerful district of the Prince-dominated capital-CDU not only friends. In the polls, the CDU was between 16 and 20 percent – without realistic option.

Wegner is considered to be well connected and since 2005 in the Bundestag. Currently he is spokesman of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group for construction, Housing, urban development and municipalities. From 2011 to 2016, he was the General Secretary of the Berlin CDU, before he gave up the office at the request of her audience. “The CDU must show a clear edge for safety, order and cleanliness,” said Wegner. This is the Foundation for everything else.