The Internet-quickly, easily and legally – and with the official license of the state of Schleswig-Holstein. So similar to a lot of luck, advertise the game provider in television and the Internet. The Land of Schleswig-Holstein decided in 2011 under a black-yellow coalition to a special path in the case of Online gambling, as only one of the 16 Federal States. They promised more revenue from 50 to 60 million euros per year. The coalition of SPD, Greens and SSW made this step to undo, to date, existing licenses, however, remained.

Online gambling is illegal in Germany – actually,

These licenses are run between December 2018 and February 2019. Therefore, the Jamaica-coalition in Kiel wants to extend together with the party of the Danish minority, the SSW licenses – to mid-2021, as a transitional phase. After that, a common way with the other länder, is searched for. Schleswig-Holstein’s Minister of the interior Hans-Joachim Grote wants to regulate the gambling in the country and control: “The most Important thing is that we can put the gaming a clear set of rules, these rules will strictly control and enforce, particularly to ensure youth and player protection. Gambling is right, fair, responsible and transparent.”

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What is the illegal to Gamble

By Daniel Bakir

threatening Although the licenses have expired and the pages no longer expected to be online available in full – registration is still in Online Casinos and play there. However, much more difficult, the law is too Online Casinos in Germany. Actually, the gambling game on the Internet, with the exception of sports betting, is illegal. The state Treaty on gaming does not provide for a German Online Casino licenses, up to Schleswig-Holstein. However, the exception to this law applies only in the northernmost Federal state. That means that only local people are likely to the Internet Casinos games that are provided with the license.

But also all the other citizens in Germany can participate in Online Casinos, because the providers have a loophole. A look at many of the pages shows that providers are working with a license from Malta. A gambling industry page explains that companies can, thanks to the freedom to provide services in the EU in each member state, and copies can be purchased, such as in Malta. Thus, the happiness can game providers across the EU operate in a legal gray zone. With a license from Schleswig-Holstein the Casino would providers, however, under German law, and the draft from the Kiel state Parliament would be according to the law, more regulated and controlled. The youth and player protection would be ensured, according to the Minister of the interior, Grote, the better.

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