The Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg visited this Saturday, the brown coal open cast mine Hambach in the Rhineland area.

After that, the 16 signposted-Year-old, how hard the sight was like: “It was so powerful, so devastating, and it makes me kind of sad.” The brown coal contribute to the ecological crisis. In order to achieve the climate objectives, should Germany not burn any more coal, she said, Recalling scientists. You feel with the people who need to move because of the mine.

Together with the action Alliance at the end of terrain you are on called the people to the 20. and 27. September on the planned global climate strike to participate. “Time is running out and the Leaders disappoint us,” said Thunberg.

Thunberg is likely to leave next Wednesday from a port in the South of England with a yacht to the UN climate summit in New York. You alone will not be able to change the climate of the situation, said the 16-Year-old, but you can contribute by your participation, to an awareness of the crisis. “And if enough people make pressure, then we can try to bring about a Change.”

The Rhenish area is with the three current brown coal mines as one of the major sources of the climate-damaging CO2 in Europe. The battle of the hambach forest to be cleared for the advancing open pit, is a symbol for the demand for a rapid Carbon phase-out in Germany.

The coalition for action terrain has to build in the past few years, with blockades of days, excavators and conveyors for an immediate exit strategy from Coal demonstrated. The Federal office for the protection of the Constitution referred to the campaign as a left-wing extremist influences.

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