The former head of the left party, Gregor Gysi, does not believe that Gerhard Schröder would ever become Chancellor, if he would have been in the GDR. It wouldn’t have “a type” fit, says Gysi in an Interview with the star. “The Merkel, it is only because the Union had a heavy donation crisis. Suddenly, what turned, because all of them had to do in the West somehow have something to do with, just from the East,” said Gysi.

No tears at the fall of the Berlin wall

The Left-politician, told in the big star-Interview over 70 years Federal Republic of Germany, that he had to not cry when the Berlin wall fell. “It has touched me. My wife, I said: ‘This is the beginning of the end of the GDR, I have to think now for the first time.'” In addition, he had the following day, a murder trial as a lawyer. “And I know the German judicial system: Due to world events, not a negotiation.”


Gregor Gysi writes a letter to the “Bravo” – well, then, Sophia Thomalla mixes a

Gysi describes, in the star, how the West influenced him culturally, and he was disturbed by the “deep-seated Intellectual hostility” in the GDR. “A certain sense of Humor like officials not irony she also liked, she was rather foreign. But I could not be otherwise.” Gysi had been elected in December 1989, a month after the fall of the wall, to the Chairman of the SED’s successor party, the PDS, and had led the party three months later, in the first free elections to the GDR people’s chamber. In those days he had felt “sometimes” that he would write history. In December 1989, he was on the phone with the then CPSU Secretary General Mikhail Gorbachev. “The told me: ‘If you give up on the SED, the GDR. If you give up the GDR, the Soviet Union.’ I said: ‘you Know, on the shoulders of a small Berlin-based lawyer my club ranges. I don’t need the whole Soviet Union at the top.’ That was the only Time he had to laugh.”

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