holidays: the time of the year, the well-being of Young and Old alike appreciated (and loved). No school, no work. So no exams, no Meetings, E-Mails or annoying phone calls from the boss. Instead, time with loved ones spend, in the best case, a new city or even a whole country to explore, or simply lounging and reading a good book.

Katharina Schulze, leader of the Greens and leader of the opposition in the Bavarian state Parliament, just takes a break. The 33-Year-old is spending her winter vacation in Sunny California. And how to pass the time in the Golden State at a pleasant 20 degrees at best? With Ice Cream! This was also recognised by Mrs Schulze, like a two days ago published a photo on your Instagram Account.

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Starting the year right. #icecream #ice #eisgehtimmer #youcantbuyhappinessbutyoucanbuyicecream #icecream lover #icecream blogger #california #calilove #19kugelnoderso

A post shared by Katharina Schulze (@Kath aschulze) on Jan 1, 2019 at 9:22pm PST

Schulze is doing what you want to unusual other dissuade

So far, So not necessarily. Nevertheless, the comment column of your Accounts, numerous messages from angry users, at a closer look. The reason: Green party politician, Catherine Schulze not only flies with a plane half the globe buys it on the spot even ice in a plastic Cup velvet plastic spoons. In the eyes of the (potential) voters is an absolute No-Go.


What’s the ban of single-use plastic and what’s not


If this is for a Green party politician is now reprehensible or not, is, of course, decide each for himself. The arguments of the critics sound like this: During the route Munich – Los Angeles, and a well of 19,250 kilometers, the result is almost seven million grams of carbon dioxide. To neutralize the harmful emissions of your flight quasi -, would have to Mrs. Schulze plants after your holidays 15 trees.

Only half a year ago, the party also published a plan of action against plastic waste. It says: “plastic is for many applications a more useful and versatile material. But it’s mind-boggling, extremely long-lasting and durable products made of plastic are only for a few days or even minutes.” This includes plastic cups and spoons to count, clearly.

Small side-swipe of the FDP-politician

The Bavarian FDP’s top candidate, and more recently member of the state Parliament and Faction leader, Martin Hagen, can’t resist a little jab. On his Facebook page, he shared (with an eye to the following post: “Sorry Katharina Schulze, wink), I could not resist 😉 a Lot of fun in the holiday haste, you earned #Instagram #newyear #life cycle assessment”. A picture of his Hand and a bottle in the Background the snow-covered Bavaria.

Sorry Katharina Schulze, I could not resist 😉 Have fun on vacation you deserve! 🙋♂ #Instagram #newyear #life cycle assessment

Posted by Martin Hagen on Thursday, may 3. January 2019

Actually, we do have more important things to do

preaching is A classic case of “water, drinking wine”? In the eyes of most users. Nevertheless, there are nevertheless a handful of that the Problem is not a Problem. We have more important things to do than us in the vacation plans of our politicians. Another User notes that the Tour (even further) countries for our society is something very valuable. Finally, one should not talk about others, but with them.

And what Katha” Schulze says, “self? At the Moment, anyway, nothing, a request from the star remained unanswered. They finally leave, just enjoying the Californian sun and eat a delicious ice cream.

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