New York city mayor Bill de Blasio does not want that in the future skyscrapers with glass facades to be built. This is incredibly inefficient, the democratic politicians. It leaked too much energy through the window. The poorly insulated houses are now one of the largest producers of greenhouse gases in New York.

50.000 buildings will

be redeveloped In the future, only glass should be used when construction of other emissions could be announced de Blasio. Who is the new requirements has to reckon with penalties. Also, around 50,000 of the existing building to be renovated, in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

30 percent, Bill de Blasio, wants to reduce by 2030 greenhouse gas emissions in New York. By 2050, the metropolis to compensate for their carbon dioxide emissions completely. “We have to act now, before it is too late,” said the mayor.

And his plans to see All the urban amenities of New York are to be supplied with renewable energy. For hydroelectric power from Canada should be used. In addition, de Blasio separation of Waste wants to make it mandatory. And in order to reduce the traffic in the city, he plans a road use charge for the city centre. Also plastic dishes and processed meat to disappear from municipal operations.

the combating of social inequality in New York

The city wants a total of $ 14 million in Hand, plans to implement. At the same time, new Jobs would be created. So you fight, so at the same time, social inequality in New York, says de Blasio.


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