The Green of a new poll on the front in the polls, the SPD will lose, again, to consent.

According to the on Saturday published the Forsa trend barometer of RTL and n-tv, the Green would be in the case of a parliamentary election this Sunday as in the week to 27 percent. The Union follows behind with unchanged 24%, on rank three, the AfD ranks with 13 percent (plus one).

The SPD loses, meanwhile, once again, a point and the trend barometer is that now only 11%, the lowest in this survey previously measured value. The FDP is currently, therefore, in the case of 9 percent (plus one), the Left at 8 percent.

Some polls have recently noted that the Greens have replaced the Union as Germany’s strongest political force in the voters favor. The SPD had been in the recent polls, between 12 and 13 percent.

In the new Forsa poll, 69 percent of respondents expressed that they were convinced that the social Democrats could not win the lost trust in the foreseeable future back. Only a minority of trusts Juso-chief Kevin Kühnert, to lead the SPD as the new party chief of the mood low: Only 23 percent of the 29-Year-old, therefore, suitable for this Post.