Private fireworks on new year’s eve should be banned in Berlin by the will of the Green. On a country, Congress, the delegates of the party decided on Saturday, the majority of an application. Accordingly, the sale and use of firecrackers on new year’s eve is supposed to be taboo. Instead, there should be more public fireworks.

Before the decision had been against talking to the application. As a justification for a ban on, among other things, noise, particulate pollution were called in turn, is a risk for animals and injuries.

The sale of missiles and fireworks is regulated at the Federal level, and in only a few days around new year’s eve allows. In the request, the Greens called on the country to Berlin to start a Federal Council initiative for a nationwide ban on the sale to private persons, and the use of firecrackers.

In January had announced Senator Andreas hostage (SPD), to the firecrackers on new year’s eve in some Berlin places prohibit. Background among other things, attacks on rescue workers and police. Unlike the present decision of the Green, but there is a nationwide firecracker ban. In Berlin, a coalition of SPD, Left and Green ruled.

ky / DPA