The Greens have reiterated their demand from 2030 onwards, only emission-free cars new. The exit from the combustion engine must be specified in law, calls for the Bundestag group chief Anton Hofreiter in a position paper. “That would be a clear roadmap, which provides planning safety for the automotive industry and the workers, and which fits into the plans of many other European States, the get out from the fossil burners.” First, the “Süddeutsche Zeitung had reported” on the paper.

Hofreiter said it was a challenging, but realistic goal. The claim, from 2030 onwards, only emission-free cars a new permit, is also in the program of the Greens in the European election.

the greens want to bring “electro-mobility”

Hofreiters Comments come in the midst of the debate on climate protection in the transport. In the transport sector, major efforts are necessary in order to achieve climate targets in 2030. On Wednesday, the new “climate Cabinet meets for the first Time,” the Federal government, with the competent Ministers.

The climate targets in the transport sector shook violently, so Hofreiter. In order to reach you, should the Federal government and the auto industry is rapidly setting the course for clean drives. “And that means first and foremost: the electric mobility. If you hesitate now, not only to the detriment of the climate. It also threatens thousands of Jobs in Germany and the prosperity of many regions.”

the Union group Vice-Ulrich Lange (CSU) said, however, that the process of transition to the zero-emission car of the future could not be achieved by prohibitions. “We rely on a Mix of innovative research and support promising technologies for new engine types for Cars and Trucks.”

epp / DPA